Be Carefree and Hair-free with Fluff Waxing

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Most of us appreciate the satisfaction of touching baby smooth skin or hairless skin. Furthermore, lets not forget the confidence boost when we step out of the house with legs that we can proudly flaunt. Although we may have it done at the comfort of our home, we may be facing horrors of ingrown hairs. Instead of spending hours using razors, why don’t we leave it to the professional hands of Fluff Waxing?

Fluff Waxing Concept Store

Fluff Waxing Concept Store is a specialized waxing treatment saloon. In addition, they also provide other professional services such as eyelash extension, eyebrow, eyeliner embroidery. Furthermore, they provide spray tan services as well as they found out that the residents of Penang can only get a tan the old fashioned way by baking in the sun. Hence, they decided to give everyone the opportunity to have a great tan without going to the beach.

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Living the Hair-free Life

They often wonder, what do the girls in Penang do “down there”? Go at it with razors, creams and tweezers? It came to them that they needed to make this happen for everybody on the island! Easier said than done, however with great enthusiasm they put their heads together and Fluff was born, the first waxing concept store in town. They are the first in Penang and one would tell you that their signature-Brazilian waxing is one of the best in town. They only use the best and most premium products. Treatment is fast and relatively painless, and the experience will be second to none.

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More Than Just Hairy Problems

The main goal is to bring awareness of the hygiene of waxing treatments and breaking out from the taboo of Malaysian when it comes to waxing. That being said, there are still a big untapped market when you speak of waxing among Malaysian in general. They want to break the traditional taboo about waxing, especially Brazilian. No shame-shame, instead be proud and get sexy. They believe that waxing is for everyone and anyone. Their client’s base range from those who just started puberty up to the golden age. Basically, they cater to anyone who requires a fluffy treatment.

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A Hairfree Culture For All Malaysians

Waxing was almost unheard of among locals a decade ago. Now, they are proud to say that they serve thousands of clientele and local sexy Penangites are a big chunk of that pie. The business is their passion – they provide a friendly and warming environment. Making it a home like cozy experience during the treatment so our clients will have no problem baring it all. In addition, they have something exciting lined up for their followers so do stay tuned and follow them on Facebook.

Image credit: Fluff Waxing

“Treat others the way you wanted to be treated. You will never know what your smile will bring you in return and be passionate about your work.”

– Fluff Waxing

You can be bold and strut with confidence: