10 Reasons Why Ranveer Singh Is Bollywood’s Next Big Superstar

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Ranveer Singh is no stranger to Bollywood fans. He’s only been around for less than 6 years and he’s already being seen as the next big superstar of Bollywood. Thanks to his great career choices, Ranveer has managed to create a place for himself in Indian cinema. Due to that, he has also managed to have a huge fan following, who promote him in every way that they can. Even the superstars of today think that Ranveer is the next big thing and if going by the way things are for Ranveer right now, they are not wrong. After all, how else can you explain the fact that his film (Bajirao Mastani) took over Shah Rukh Khan’s film (Dilwale) on Christmas last year? Let’s introduce the reasons why Ranveer Singh is a superstar in the making.

1) He is actively involved in promoting charity causes

Ranveer has used his fame and popularity really well, as he has managed to bring attention to several charity causes that he supports. One of the charity causes is the “feed the children charity”, which feeds lunch to children in school for free. Ranveer has donated a large sum and has asked everyone else to donate as well through this lovely ad below.

2) He is happy when others win awards

Actors are not always happy for other actors, when they don’t win awards, especially when they are expected to win. Ranveer has never presented himself like that. Every time, he has attended award shows, he has always been happy for the winners. Even this year when everyone thought he would win, Amitabh Bachchan won and Ranveer was ecstatic for him, as Amitabh was one of his actors he enjoyed watching when he was growing up.

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3) He is the first popular actor to endorse a condom brand

Ranveer Singh made news when he decided to endorse a condom brand, as his first ever endorsement deal. He’s the first actor in his league to do something like this and he’s not ashamed of it, as he said that he felt it was important to highlight sex education to the youngsters of India. He also said that he didn’t this ad to be as corny as the other ads in this genre and it’s not.

4) He makes really cool ads because he used to be a copywriter

Ranveer Singh does stand out among all the actors of his generation, when it comes to ads. This is because Ranveer is heavily involved in the making of his ads, from the conception of the ad to the writing to the making of it. It has a lot to do with the fact that Ranveer used to be a copywriter before he became an actor.

5) He’s a versatile actor

Ranveer has already proven that he’s a versatile actor. Once he signs a film, he gets into the character. Whether it was being a town boy in ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ or a hip villager in ‘Ram-Leela’, Ranveer has made all the other actors of his generation and before to stand up and take notice of his talent. With his last release ‘Bajirao Mastani’, Ranveer has put himself on the same platform as his senior actors, like the Khans. Moreover, he seems to be able to balance commercial and art cinema with the different kinds of movies he’s doing.

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6) There’s no one like him in Bollywood

Bollywood is a place, where there’s a lot of acting onscreen and off-screen. This is exactly what makes Ranveer Singh different from the rest of Bollywood, as he’s only acting onscreen. The rest of the time, he’s just himself and sometimes, the media does not take him lightly and makes fun of him, but that doesn’t bother Ranveer.

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7) He’s very friendly with everyone

Whether it’s his fans or street children, Ranveer has no problem being nice and friendly to everyone. He has always said that he is grateful for the love that the audience has showed him and in return, he tries to reach out to his audience in the nicest and friendliest way possible.

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8) He’s very hyper

Ranveer Singh is probably the first Indian actor, who’s this hyper. He’s so hyper that everyone knows he’s hyper. Everyone also don’t find his behaviour strange anymore, they just that’s who he is as a person and have come to accept him that way. Though in his own words, Ranveer thinks he has calmed down a bit after 7 years of being in Bollywood.

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9) He has a weird sense of style and doesn’t care

One of the greatest thing about Ranveer Singh is that he has the weirdest sense of style in Bollywood. He has worn and tried out everything he can. He has even wear different kinds of hats to keep the hairstyle he had for a role a secret. People have made fun of his strange sense of style, but that doesn’t stop Ranveer from wearing what he wants to wear.

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10) He’s very honest

Since the beginning of his acting career, Ranveer Singh has been nothing, but honest in his interviews. Whether it was talking about the actors he idolised when he was a little kid or telling the world how he feels about his special lady (Deepika Padukone), Ranveer has never been afraid to speak his mind. This is why he is going to be one of the biggest Bollywood superstar ever.

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