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We have seen an increasing trend across several Asian countries in Taiwan, Japan, China and slowly in Malaysia where pet owners continue to identify their pets as a member of the household and treat them as precious as children. After all, why shouldn’t pet owners as they provide an immense amount of joy and companionship to families without expecting much in return.  The multi-billion dollar pet industry shows no signs of losing demand, with pet owners spending increasingly more on fashion and luxury items. If you are looking for fashionable clothes for your four-legged friend, P.Bee & Joanne can cater to your needs.

Introducing P. Bee & Joanne

Cortical Designs Sdn. Bhd. is a family-­owned design house offering handcrafted ready-­to-wear fashion apparels and accessories for pets and humans under the brand name P. Bee & Joanne®.  They also have a division that specializes on bespoke apparels and accessories services for both pets and humans. The label P. Bee & Joanne® was conceptualized in the early 2014 but it was only in 2015 that Cortical Designs Sdn. Bhd. was founded.

Image credit: P.Bee & Joanne

Quality Merchandise For Your Pet

All their products are meticulously handcrafted using the finest material sourced from Europe, Japan and the United States of America. “We use 100% natural fiber fabrics like cotton for warmer and/or tropical countries and wool for cooler countries. Pets like dogs are very similar to human in several aspects. They do get uncomfortable and sometimes lead to allergies if you dress them up in synthetic materials. On the other hand, natural fiber fabrics are breathable. Hence, it reduces the irritation to pets. We realized that there are misconceptions amongst the majority of the general public about dressing up pets. It can serve a functional purpose if it’s carefully selected and used other that its aesthetic value. Domestic pets and farm animal owners often dress their four legged family members during cold seasons to keep them warm.  However, domestic pets such as canine, feline, rabbits and guinea pigs could also be dressed up in materials suited for tropical countries, namely cotton.”, P.Bee & Joanne shares with TallyPress. Clothing can serve as:

  • A protective layer against mites, fleas, and/or bugs bite
  • A protective layer against scratches and cuts when they are playing outdoors
  • A protective layer against further aggravation from existing wounds, recovering surgery wounds and skin allergies as the pet would only be scratching onto the clothing rather than direct contact
  • Keep the pets warm in cooler environment
Image credit: P.Bee & Joanne
Image credit: P.Bee & Joanne

Origin of P.Bee & Joanne

It all began when the founder got her new puppy poodle (named Lilo) in Q4 of 2013 after all her 3 older dogs passed on at the age of 15, 16 & 17 years old. The pet shop where she found Lilo on a Sunday evening sold her as teacup poodle. She then weights only 600g at 5½ months old. The very next day, when Lilo was brought to the regular vet only to be told that she was not a teacup poodle. Instead, Lilo was actually emaciated from starvation imposed by the pet shop. Due to this, she was extremely sickly and constantly shivering. It was the vet who suggested to put some clothes on Lilo to keep her warm but there wasn’t anything available in the market that could possibly fit her. That’s when the founder decided to put her fashion designing knowledge and skills to create something that fits Lilo’s tiny body.

Image credit: P.Bee & Joanne
Image credit: P.Bee & Joanne

The Team Behind P.Bee & Joanne

The Director Joanne is a Parisian trained fashion designer specializing in haute couture. She was blessed to be given the opportunity to work and/or interned with renowned fashion designers like Elie Saab, Anne Valerie Hash and Basil Soda to name a few during her studies in Paris American Academy, Paris. Her role in the business naturally encompasses the creation of functional yet fashionable collection. Kelvin Yeoh, a director in Cortical Designs Sdn. Bhd.  holds a Masters of Business Administration from Hawaii Pacific University, Hawaii. He is responsible in the business part of the company including branding and marketing of P. Bee & Joanne®.

They wish to share their knowledge and understanding about the functional benefits of dressing pets up in natural fiber fabrics especially those residing in tropical countries. They hope that our functional yet fashionable product range would be a medium to educate pet owners in this area.

Image credit: P.Bee & Joanne
Image credit: P.Bee & Joanne

Future Growth and Direction

Being a pet fashion designer in Malaysia can be as challenging as trying to sell ice to the Eskimos. Although their products are being appreciated mostly overseas, many Malaysian pet owners are still skeptical about dressing their pets up. They are positive that they will be able to have the same level of success in the pet industry as Japan in the near future as the world is getting smaller these days and the younger generations are more exposed now. They have been invited by Stylo and MATRADE to be part of the Malaysian Fashion Week 2015 last November shortly after the company was incorporated. P. Bee & Joanne® was the first and only Malaysian pet fashion designer to participate the said event. This year, they are once again invited to be part of the Malaysian Fashion Week 2016. They hope to be able to successfully educate the consumers about the benefits of dressing their pets up through their product line and be physically present locally and internationally.

Image credit: P.Bee & Joanne
Image credit: P.Bee & Joanne

Love and respect pets as family members for they too have feelings and thoughts. We believe that being honest and strive to do the best is the key philosophy of our business.

— Joanne and Kevin, founders of P.Bee & Joanne

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