Unwrap The Asian In You With The New Wall’s Asian Delight Ice Creams

Image Credit: Wall's Malaysia

Wall’s Malaysia has introduced a variant extension to its Asian Delight ice creams for all to experience authentic Malaysian flavours. The new Asian Delight Sea Coconut, Sweet Potato and Coconut Black Sticky Rice ice creams promise real chunks of sea coconut, sweet potato and coconut black sticky rice with every bite of creamy indulgence. Discover the new Wall’s Asian Delight ice creams below!

Familiar Flavours Recreated

The Sea Coconut ice cream is reminiscent of the refreshing Sea Coconut Tong Sui dessert that many Malaysians would be familiar with, while the Sweet Potato ice cream is similar to the iconic Bubur Cha Cha dessert which is packed with chunks of sweet potato. The Coconut Black Sticky Rice ice cream, on the other hand, might just remind Malaysians of the classic, well-loved Pulut Hitam dessert.

Image Credit: Wall’s Malaysia

“When customers taste our Asian Delight ice cream range, we want them to immerse their tastebuds in authentic Malaysian and Asian flavours. Each flavour is made with real chunks of sea coconut, sweet potato or coconut black sticky rice. With every bite, you will enjoy a play of creamy and chunky textures; all while revelling in nostalgic homemade desserts,” said Shiv Sahgal, Marketing Director Foods & Refreshments category, Unilever Malaysia.

Image Credit: Wall’s Malaysia

Unwrap the Asian In You Campaign: Become Digital Billboard Stars

In conjunction with the launch of the new Asian Delight ice cream flavours, Wall’s Malaysia is also launching Unwrap the Asian in You, a campaign that celebrates Malaysia and what it means to be Malaysians. As Malaysia turns 63 this year, Wall’s Malaysia will select 63 of the best Malaysian stories nationwide from the Unwrap the Asian in You campaign. These stories will be featured for a month from Merdeka Day as part of the Asian Delight campaign on digital billboards nationwide. Embrace your roots and show your love for our country by following these steps:

  1. Purchase the new Asian Delight ice cream(s) from any retail or convenience store near you.
  2. Snap your most Malaysian-inspired photo with the ice cream(s) and post it up on your social media page(s) with a 150-word caption, creatively expressing your love for Malaysia.
  3. Post on your Facebook or Instagram page, tag Wall’s Malaysia’s Facebook and Instagram page, and include the hashtags: #UnwrapTheAsianInYou and #WallsAsianDelight.
  4. Set your profile to public.

The best 63 entries will be chosen to be featured on the campaign posters in celebration of
Malaysia’s 63rd Merdeka Day and will be featured on Wall’s Malaysia’s digital billboards as well as social media platforms.

Image Credit: Wall’s Malaysia

The campaign begins from 16 July 2020 and winners will be announced on 20 August 2020. Wall’s Malaysia’s Asian Delight ice creams are priced at RM1.90 each and are now available in retail outlets nationwide.

Check out Wall’s Malaysia’s official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/wallsmalaysia for more information on the new Asian Delight ice cream range.