This Malaysian Startup Helps Big Brands Sell More On Online Marketplaces Like Lazada or Shopee

Image Credit: Involve Asia

The increasing consumer appetite for online shopping has intensified competition for businesses selling on E-commerce marketplaces like Lazada or Shopee. Involve Asia is launching the Marketplace Affiliate Program (MAP) in August 2020. MAP, an innovative technological solution, helps marketplace stores gain access to external visitors directly to their stores.

Covid-19 resulted in consumers being grounded at home, which accelerated their appetite for online shopping as they can get what they want and need without leaving the house. The increasing demand is favourable for marketplace stores. But as more and more sellers flood the marketplace to survive in this pandemic, competition is getting fiercer by the day. While there are in-marketplace solutions to capture browsing buyers to a specific store, external traffic can grow the business at a much larger scale.

Exposing Marketplace Stores to New Customers

Data is the future – MAP gives insights to help brand stores build relationships with the right Publishers. MAP connects marketplace stores with 50,000+ external Publishers including top media owners across the region and super affiliates like coupon and cashback websites, as well as influencers. Publishers create engaging content to drive their audience to the marketplace stores and help sell more to existing customers. External traffic makes it possible to scale up business at a much faster rate compared to relying on internal marketplace traffic alone.

Image Credit: Involve Asia

Nothing to Lose, So Much to Gain

With MAP, marketplace stores only pay commissions for a successful sale made by an Affiliate (Publisher), thus minimising financial risk. The benefits for international brands with multiple online stores are even more obvious. Using MAP’s platform agnostic approach, brands can now manage their partnerships with top Publishers across multiple marketplaces in different markets. When asked about the biggest advantages, BETA testers mentioned standardised Publisher onboarding, partner approval, incentive management and campaign distribution at scale. Basically, the MAP solution was designed to reduce go to-market times for launching new online sales campaigns with affiliated Publishers. Another reason for the high satisfaction among early MAP customers is the centralised management of all Affiliate activities in one convenient platform.

In addition to the launch of MAP, Involve is running the MAD (Mega Affiliate Days) initiative with top Advertisers brands exclusively for their Publishers. These 5 day campaigns potentially drive 50% more external traffic to brand stores in the marketplace environment.

Some of the Advertisers already onboarded on MAP include: Purple Cane Tea Cuisine, Clinelle, Corvan, Carlsberg and Kose just to name a few.

Image Credit: Involve Asia

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About Involve Asia

Involve Asia is a Malaysian tech company based in Malaysia and has a presence in Indonesia and Thailand. Involve Asia helps Advertisers and Publishers make money through Affiliate Marketing. Founded in 2014, the company has generated accumulated gross sales of over $500m for its advertising clients. Involve Asia is backed by venture capital funds such as Cradle Seed Ventures, 500 startups and other investors.