Top 10 Child Enrichment Centres in Singapore 2022

Top 10 Child Enrichment Centres in Singapore 2022
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Enrolling your children on a child enrichment centre not only benefit them in developing intellectual skills but also emotional and social skills. So, if you are looking for some recommendations, check out our 2022 edition of Top 10 Child Enrichment Centres in Singapore.

1) GUG Education

GUG Education adopts the unique 5-Point Intelligence (5PI) approach, covering early childhood & gifted education and multiple intelligences practices. This, in turn, helps to nurture the young children in developing five skills in terms of learning, thinking, innovating, communicating and cheerleading. Among the programmes available include Growing Smart and Book + Pen Masters. The former is suitable for children as young as 10-18 months, where they get to learn fun and enriching activities. Children aged 3.5 to 8 years old can look forward to mastering their skills in phonics, reading and creative writing. GUG Education has three campuses islandwide including Tampines, Thomson and Katong. | FB: | Insta:@growingupgifted

2) Heguru Singapore (by Heguru Education Centre)

Heguru Singapore (by Heguru Education Centre)

Licensed by Henmi Educational General Laboratory HEGL Japan, the award-winning Heguru Singapore is renowned for its namesake technique. The technique in question involves training the right brain of a child for as early as 6 months old. From here, the Heguru technique benefits them in various learning abilities, namely in terms of photographic memory and sharp analytical thinking. Courses, in the meantime, are divided into three age-appropriate categories including Infant & Toddler, Preschool and Primary. | FB: HeguruEducation | IG:

3) Sparkanauts


Sparkanauts combines play and exploration to make its brain development classes all the fun and of course, rewarding experience for the children. Children from 5 months (Baby Cadet) to 4.5 years old (Explorer) get to enjoy different types of learning skills, depending on their respective ages. Among them includes educating the child’s processing & memory skills as well as creativity and coordination, just to name a few.

Website: | FB: Sparkanauts | IG: @sparkanauts | Phone number: 62590307

4) KUNO Method SG

KUNO Method SG

Originated from Japan, Kuno Method specialises in its award-winning 3-Stage Experiential Learning Approach. Young children get to learn the importance of logical thinking and problem-solving skills in the utmost fun and interactive way. In fact, many parents who brought their children to Kuno Method have achieved an 85-90% high success rate of enrolling them in top primary schools of their choice. All the teachers here are even specially trained in Japan under the coaching of founder Mr Yasuyoshi Kuno and his team. | IG: @kunomethod

5) Happy Train

Happy Train

Happy Train focuses primarily on the child’s brain development, where they build relevant programmes to help them enhance their learning skills. This includes everything from problem-solving skills to cognitive abilities, photographic memory as well as boosting self-confidence and creativity. Happy Train conducted their classes in English and Mandarin while every class size is only limited to a maximum of 6 students. This allows the teachers to pay better attention to each of them during the lessons. | FB: | IG: @happytrainsg

6) PlayFACTO School

PlayFACTO School

A premium education centre that has been around since 2015, PlayFACTO School offers various child enrichment programmes in the comfort of a bespoke environment. These programmes include Junior Enrichment (3-6 years), Steam Enrichment (3-14 years) and Premium Student Care (7-12 years). PlayFACTO School emphasises a play-based and inquiry approach during the classes, which is designed to nurture children’s learning and social skills. | FB: playfactoschool | IG: @playfactoschool

7) Brainy Child Montessori Learning Centre

Brainy Child Montessori Learning Centre

Brainy Child Montessori offers enrichment programmes for children as early as 18 months to 7 years of age. The teachers utilise the time-tested Montessori method to foster the child through hands-on independent learning and social interaction. As for the programmes, children can learn different skills like multiple languages, creativity (e.g. speech, drama & writing) and cognitive training such as solving problems and analytical thinking. | FB: brainymontessori

8) Coding Lab

Coding Lab

Coding Lab is where you can encourage your child to learn how to code. It can be anything from creating their own game, app or even developing animated stories. Coding also helps the child to develop better problem-solving skills and analytical thinking. They have a few classes available targeted to different age groups. For instance, children aged 4 to 6 get to learn designated beginner-friendly programmes like Scratch Jr and Robotics. | FB: CodingLabAsia | IG: @codinglabasia

9) AGrader Learning Centre

AGrader Learning Centre

AGrader is the brainchild of Kevan and Ruiyan, whose humble beginnings operate in a basement unit and now, they have expanded into various locations islandwide. They use the unique learning method called EverLoop created for improving the child’s learning and cognitive skills. AGrader has several fun-filled and engaging programmes dedicated to pre-primary, primary and secondary levels. | FB: agraderlearningcentre | IG: @agraderlc

10) Julia Gabriel Centre Singapore

Julia Gabriel Centre Singapore

Julia Gabriel’s one-of-its-kind teaching method in nurturing the children lies in her EduDrama method. This method uses various drama tools to improve the child’s skills in developing the likes of courage, self-confidence and expression using various drama tools, namely role-playing, dramatic poetry and puppetry. Julia Gabriel offers well-curated programmes such as Early Learning, Drama & Communication and Readers & Writers. | FB: JuliaGabrielCentreSG | IG: @juliagabrielcentresg

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Singapore are waiting to be discovered!

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