Hop On A Bike And Ride Away At Hello Bicycle! Shop

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Cycling is a popular sport or leisure activity, enjoyed by many regardless of age range. In fact, it’s probably one of the bonding activities parents do with their children by teaching them how to cycle. There are some cities in the world where the cycling culture is huge, and Singapore has plans to make cycling more accessible as well with expanding the bicycle infrastructure. Whether for leisure, commuting, or fitness, you can get your bikes at Hello Bicycle! Shop.

About Hello Bicycle! Shop

Hello Bicycle! Shop is Singapore’s largest importer of lifestyle bicycles and cycling accessories, suited for all cycling purposes. Founded in 2014, they house a wide range of bike selections for both adults and children, carrying brands like Linus, Tokyobike, Lekker, Shulz, Cruzee, Abus, and Crankalicious to name a few. Before its inception, Hello Bicycle! Shop noticed that there wasn’t much of a cycling scene in Singapore, and most available bikes were either mountain or race bikes, with limited choice for leisure usage. Therefore, they decided to bridge the gap by offering an assortment of lifestyle bicycles, and to bring in the cycling trend.

Image Credit: Hello Bicycle! Shop

From Cyclers, To Cyclers

Hello Bicycle! Shop has visited countries such as Germany which boasts a great cycling culture, and they decided to try to bring it to Singapore. Their team consists of people who are passionate about bicycles and cycling, which means that they better understand the needs of customers, offering better recommendations, maintenance, and servicing. Customers are at the heart of their business, and the team is always endeavouring to meet customers’ needs so that they can have a bike to call their own! Furthermore, they are also always on the lookout to bring in more exciting brands and products. In line with the government’s plans to expand the bicycle infrastructure, they hope to play a part in building up a cycling culture/community, and make cycling more accessible, allowing people to cycle in style and comfort.

Image Credit: Hello Bicycle! Shop

Everyone Can Cycle!

As they offer bikes for both adults and children, everyone can get a bike from them and cycle! Though, due to the nature of cycling, their main audience is families with an active lifestyle who prefer spending time outdoors. Hello Bicycle! Shop sources bicycles and accessories from prominent brands well-known for their product safety and quality, and they also provide a trade-in program for their brands, as well as maintenance and servicing services. What’s more, they even provide a one-time complimentary maintenance/service visit within the first six months of a bicycle purchase for their customers. The team recommends bicycles and accessories according to customers’ requirements and budgets, and they do their best to repair and restore bikes. Even if you bring in bicycles and brands they do not carry, they would try to source for the parts. If all else fails, they would also recommend neighbouring bicycle shops for you to try.

Image Credit: Hello Bicycle! Shop

Outlasting Trends To Be A Mainstay

A while back, there was a bike sharing trend, which affected their business as people preferred to share bikes instead of owning one outright. Rather than going against the trend, they partnered up with hotels to offer bike sharing and rentals for tourists, or for scheduled bicycle tours, outlasting the bike sharing trend. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on production worldwide, and caused several delays, though thankfully customers remain understanding. Over the years, they have been invited for event sponsorships, notably supporting the Garcia Team since 2019. Besides sponsoring necessary accessories, Hello Bicycle! Shop has also provided the team with part-time roles at their shop to cultivate knowledge and learning. In times to come, they hope to continuously grow the love for cycling locally, to introduce more people to the cycling community, and to educate people more about cycling.

“Real passion comes from the heart.” – Hello Bicycle! Shop