Malaysia’s Top 10 Local Ice Cream Brands

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For Malaysians, there’s love for food. There’s love for desserts. And then, there’s love for ice cream. With the local ice cream parlours and brands abound, it is no longer a dream to get the most flavourful ice cream experience that suits our taste buds. Here is a list of 10 local ice cream parlours and/or makers in Malaysia that you should give them a try, if you have not.

1) AEBout Ice Cream


Launched just recently in November 2015, AEBout Ice Cream is the latest addition to the booming café prospects in Sri Petaling. Though this ice cream specialty shop serves artisanal ice cream made in and imported from New Zealand, the owner Nicole makes sure the flavours and quality are more than just satisfying. The prices are also reasonably maintained. Some of the must-tries at AEbout Ice Cream are After Mint and Triple Chocolate.

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2) Fat Baby Ice Cream


Fat Baby Ice Cream makes great tasting ice cream from things that taste great! Imagine flavours such as coconut candy, apple crumble and cornflakes. The team takes their ice cream very seriously, making all the ice cream bases and mix-ins from scratch. Only a handful of ingredients go into each tub and nothing artificial is added to the ice cream at all. | FB: FatbabyIceCream | IG: @fatbaby_icecream

3) The Ice-Cream Project


Located in Johor Bahru, The Ice-Cream Project (TIP) is a self-serve joint that brings the best quality of ice cream. Here at TIP, they serve homemade ice cream, cookies and beverages. Their recipes consist of only dairy products. They promise there’s no rennet, and animal gelatine, not even additive or preservative added so you are assured of good quality ice cream with every spoonful.

FB: tipdonttilt | IG: @tip_theicecreamproject

4) Softsrve


Softsrve is an artisanal ice cream parlour that specialises in creating an unusual soft ice cream experience. While soft serve ice cream is not something new, this shop was one of the earliest ones to start the soft serve hype in town. We totally understand why, given their smooth ice cream texture that’s available in interesting flavours such as red velvet cheesecake and root beer. Softsrve also makes sure your ice cream get served in an Instagram-worthy moment.

FB: softsrve | IG: @softsrve

5) The Potong Artisan Pops


Remember the good old days waiting for the “potong man” on his bicycle? The humble treat, although limited in variety, brought so much happiness. This is what The Potong Artisan Pops is all about; they bring the Potong experience forward with every handmade popsicle using only 100% fresh natural ingredients with a modern twist on flavours. Their popsicles are also made with no preservatives or any other horrid chemicals. | FB: ThePotong | IG: @thepotong

6) Forty Licks


What started out as a need to satisfy a craving for a creamy and an intensely flavoured ice cream, became an obsession. Today, Forty Licks takes pride in making ice cream by hand in small batches using only the best ingredients, with no additives or preservatives. With flavours such as Earl Grey and Thai tea, Forty Licks vows to produce the creamiest and most decadent ice cream you will ever taste.

FB: FortyLicksIceCream 

7) Sangkaya


Mention coconut ice cream, the first name that we’re most familiar with is Sangkaya. Its name synonymous to delicious coconut ice cream, Sangkaya serves handcrafted coconut ice cream in fresh coconut shells and classic takeaways. Sangkaya’s ice cream is freshly made daily and uses only the finest ingredients that’s GM-free and has no artificial additives or preservatives. | FB: sangkaya | IG: @sangkayamy

8) Pops Malaya


Founded in 2013, Pops Malaya’s mission is to create gourmet pops in all kinds of fruit flavours as natural as they can. They are here to serve the purest ice cream fruit pops that are palate-teasing and taste just like the real fruits. The pops are produced without any artificial additives or preservatives, which makes them naturally fruity and refreshing.

FB: PopsMalayaAiskrim | IG: @popsmalaya

9) The Last Polka


Made with 100% natural ingredients, The Last Polka combines creamy French-styled ice cream with the regional Asian flavours we love. From “Salted Gula Melaka” to “Teh Tarik”, The Last Polka knows what Malaysians crave for. The Last Polka stocks their ice cream at cafés around Klang Valley and is more than happy to cater for your events too.

FB: thelastpolka | IG: @thelastpolka

10) Polar Bear Softcreme Parlour


Polar Bear Softcreme Parlour features healthy frozen treats with tangy and lovely flavours that are perfect for dessert lovers. Polar Bear offers 2 types of ice cream—soft served ice cream (milk-based) & FROYO (frozen yogurt). Using fine ingredients and authentic recipes for flavours such as Sesame and Rose Lychee, Polar Bear’s ice cream will draw a big smile on your face.

FB: polarbearsoftcreme | IG: @polarbear_softcreme_parlour

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Malaysia are waiting to be discovered!

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