Top 10 Nyonya Restaurants in KL & Selangor

Top 10 Nyonya Restaurants in KL & Selangor
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Gone are the days where you have to travel all the way to Melaka or Penang to enjoy some authentic Nyonya cuisine. Nowadays, you can easily find them in Klang Valley, and we got that all covered with these Top 10 Nyonya Restaurants in KL & Selangor.

1) Sarang Cookery

Sarang Cookery

Sarang Cookery specialises in Nyonya Peranakan and traditional Malay cuisine, with Nasi Ulam being one of their signature dishes. It consists of a platter of fragrant rice surrounded with neatly-arranged, colourful varieties of local herbs and vegetables. Their overall menu is comprehensive, covering everything from Pie Tee to Nyonya Laksa and Ayam Kapitan. Don’t forget to make room for dessert such as some good old cendol or Gula Melaka Crepe! | FB: SarangCookeryCafe | IG: @sarangcookery

2) Little Heritage House

Little Heritage House

Little Heritage House certainly means business when it comes to serving authentic Peranakan and Penang Nyonya cuisine, complete with matching traditional decor reminiscent of the gool ol’ days. Back to the food, some of the specialities include Nasi Ulam, Nyonya Fried Rice and Steamed Otak-Otak. Seafood lovers may want to check out their varieties of fish, prawns and squids in either spicy, sour or deep-fried cooking styles.

FB: lhhstraitschinesekitchen | IG: @lhhstraitschinesekitchen

3) AuntyLee KL

AuntyLee KL

Even over 20 years since their humble establishment back in 1997, Restoran Aunty Lee stays true to its traditional food preparation, namely the old-fashioned way of making sambal belacan using a pestle and mortar. Among the must-try dishes include Ikan Cili Garam (salted chilli fish), a deep-fried fish (you can also choose to substitute fish with prawns) slathered with Aunty Lee’s very own salted chilli paste. For poultry and meat lovers, you can find good old classic dishes such as Ayam Pongteh, Mutton Curry and Beef Rendang. And finally, the Nyonya food experience wouldn’t be complete without a bowl of refreshing Aunty Lee’s cendol — a perfect way to end your meal on a sweet note. | FB: AuntyLee KL | IG: @auntylee.kl

4) Baba Low Bangsar Utama

Baba Low Bangsar Utama

Baba Low prefers to keep things simple, sticking to old-school Baba Nyonya dishes including the likes of Pie Tee, Ayam Pongteh, Nyonya Laksa and homemade cendol. They also serve other comfort food such as Tauhu Sumbat (stuffed tofu), the Melaka-style Nasi Lemak & Ayam Goreng Kunyit and Mee Siam, which is spicy fried beehoon topped with a homemade tamarind mixture.

FB: babalowbangsarutama | IG: @babalow_bangsar_utama

5) Precious Old China

Precious Old China

This sister restaurant of Petaling Street’s Old China Cafe consists of dining areas and a bar — all exquisitely adorned with vintage Colonial-style interior. To put it simply, it’s like stepping into the past, complete with traditional art & antiques as well as wooden-heavy furniture. Food-wise, they specialise in Peranakan dishes, offering delectable spicy choices of meat and seafood. Among them are Nyonya Laksa/Rendang Chicken, Baba Curry Chicken and Chilli Garam Siakap (salted chilli seabass). Best of all, they forgo MSG in favour of more natural ingredients to help preserve the authenticity of their meal. To book a table, simply fill in the reservation form right here. | FB:

6) Big Baba

Big Baba

Tucked in a quaint neighbourhood of Taman Desa, this homely Big Baba restaurant specialises in home-cooked Nyonya dishes. This includes the likes of Ayam/Asam Pongteh, Ayam Buah Keluak and Chilli Garam Prawns (salted chilli prawns). Come lunchtime, you’re in a treat for value-for-money Nyonya Lunch set — all served with rice, vegetables, omelette and acar (pickled vegetables). | FB: BigBabaTamanDesa

7) Anak Baba

Anak Baba

A sister outlet of Baba Low, Anak Baba offers affordably-priced Nyonya dishes in the comfort of a casually chic interior. The menu covers all the essentials, with the likes of Nyonya Laksa, Pai Tee and Mee Siam. Anak Baba also happens to be a good hangout place where you can grab a book from the shelf while enjoying a cup of Kopi Nusantara or digging into a bowl of homemade cendol.

FB: anakbababrickfields | IG: @restoran.anak.baba

8) BibiWok


It’s Nyonya meets Thai at BibiWok, covering two different types of cuisine under one roof in Bandar Puteri Puchong. Expect an extensive range of dishes here, namely Nyonya Assam Nenas Steamed Fish, Chicken Pongteh and Nyonya Beef Rendang. For a complete and wholesome meal, try their Nasi Bibi Special — consisting of a set of white/coconut rice with chicken (BBQ/rendang/pandan) and a drink of your choice (cincau/ice lemon tea/orange juice).

FB: bibiwoknyonyathai

9) LIMAPULO: Baba Can Cook

LIMAPULO: Baba Can Cook

This family-owned restaurant offers a quaint environment that makes you feel like home while dining on some of their delectable Nyonya cuisines. The menu may be limited but covers just enough essential choices to satisfy any Nyonya cravings. One of their must-try dishes is Nyonya Laksa, a coconut milk-infused thick curry noodles using the generations-old family recipe.

FB: Babacancook | IG: @babacancook

10) Lima Blas

Lima Blas

Vintage decor, knick-knacks and quaint furniture — here’s a place where words like “cosy” best describes Lima Blas at Jalan Mesui. Expect old-school Nyonya favourites like Ayam Pongteh, Sambal Udang Petai and Nyonya Laksa. They also incorporate a bar as well, serving bottled & draft beer along with house cocktails and light bites such as Baby Chicken Wings and Lady Finger Salad.

FB: limablas25 | IG: @limablas25

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