STREAM Will Officially Be Introduced For Form Four Students Next Year

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The biggest dilemma for every form three student after PT3 is whether to go into science or arts stream. So many factors go into making this decision and sometimes it can lead to stereotypes. However, the Ministry of Education has officially announced that the implementation of STREAM will begin next year!

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Gone are the days of choosing between the two different education systems. Instead, students will now get to pick and choose which subjects they are keen on. STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Reading, Arts & Music.

One of the biggest problems with choosing between arts and science streams is that there is no flexibility. The subjects are predetermined and choosing to take a different subject means adding on more. It also equals to more studying and stress.

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Now with STREAM, students will choose from a variety of subjects based on what is suitable for them. Our Deputy Minister of Education, Teo Nie Ching, said that the school counsellor is important. They will help students to figure out which classes are the best options.

Another great aspect of this is that students will be encouraged to mingle around more. Previously, students tend to stick with others from the same stream as them. But now with STREAM, there will be different students in different classes. It will help to break down any barriers and inaccurate perceptions of others.

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Schools are now in charge of arranging their schedules and timetables based on the students. However, do not expect this transition to be completely smooth. It will also depend on the capabilities, availability, facilities, and infrastructure of each school.

There will be a learning curve as each school tries to figure out the best methods for them. But having the STREAM programme sounds very promising!