10 Unique Coffee Beverages From Around The World

Wherever you go, every country from around the globe has its own unique way of preparing and enjoying a cup of coffee no matter hot or cold. That said, we have compiled 10 Unique Coffee Beverages From Around The World, all listed in alphabetical order.

1) Cafe Bombon (Spain)

Cafe Bombon is a sweetened caffeinated beverage that comes with equal amounts of condensed milk and black coffee. Prior to drinking, you are required to stir the drink together since it arrives separated with black coffee on top and condensed milk at the bottom.

Image Credit: theculturetrip.com

2) Cafe de Olla (Mexico)

Made with the combination of coarse coffee grounds, cinnamon and piloncillo (dark brown sugar), this traditional Mexican coffee drink is brewed altogether in a clay pot called ollas. This is to give Cafe de Olla a unique characteristic in terms of taste and aroma. Other assorted spices such as allspice berries, clove and black peppercorns are sometimes added to boost the flavour.

Image Credit: roguepriest.net

3) Cafe Touba (Senegal)

Coffee and pepper (grains of Selim a.k.a. Guinea pepper) are the hallmarks for Cafe Touba, a popular caffeinated beverage found in Senegal. These ingredients are mixed together using coffee beans before being grinded them into powder and filtered using a pour-over coffee maker.

Image Credit: africatopsuccess.com

4) Cà Phê Trứng (Vietnam)

Coffee with egg? That’s right, the main ingredients for Cà Phê Trứng a.k.a. Vietnamese egg coffee, which consists of Vietnamese coffee powder or robusta beans and egg yolks — all brewed together with sugar and condensed milk to help sweeten the coffee using a traditional phin (metal coffee filter).

Image Credit: longandshort.london

5) Kaffeost (Sweden)

Milk, sugar and cream are some of the typical ingredients commonly added into a coffee. But in the case of Kaffeost, you’ll be surprised that the hot coffee is topped with chunks of juustoleipä or leipäjuusto (cheese curds a.k.a. Finnish bread/squeaky cheese).

Image Credit: @karinheesknits

6) Kopi Joss (Indonesia)

Ever tasted a coffee added with a hot piece of charcoal? That’s Kopi Joss, otherwise known as charcoal coffee which was first invented by a coffee stall vendor named Mr Man back in the 60s in Yogyakarta. One day, he had a stomachache and the idea struck upon him when he thought of using red hot charcoal used to boil water and dropped it into his coffee. Miraculously, it worked and he started selling Kopi Joss to customers.

Image Credit: keliwatancara.blogspot.com

7) Mazagran (Portugal)

Not just your regular iced coffee but rather uniquely combined with… freshly-squeezed lemon juice! — a bizarre twist that sounds like a coffee version of iced lemon tea. (Fun fact: Mazagran isn’t actually from Portugal but Algeria, where the Algerian originally served their iced coffee with plain water.)

Image Credit: greatist.com

8) Pharisäer (Germany)

Certainly not for the minors, Pharisäer is an alcoholic caffeinated beverage made from strong brewed coffee spiked with rum. Sugar is also added with whipped cream on top to complete this bittersweet, boozy caffeinated drink.

Image Credit: Whole Latte Love YouTube

9) Qahwa (Saudi Arabia)

Qahwa is a spice-infused coffee mixed with cinnamon, crushed cardamom pods and ginger. Other seasonings such as saffron and cloves are also used as well. Coffee grounds, in the meantime, are prepared using lightly toasted and coarsely ground green coffee beans.

Image Credit: archanaskitchen.com

10) Türk Kahvesi (Turkey)

Made from finely ground Arabica beans, Türk Kahvesi or Turkish coffee is typically brewed in a copper or brass pot a.k.a. cezve and added with white sugar. Sometimes, depending on places, a cardamom pod is also included to enhance the flavour. Interestingly enough, the finely ground beans are unfiltered, meaning there will be grounds remaining at the bottom.

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