Time To Enjoy A Cuppa At The New Starbucks Signing Store In Penang!

Image credit: facebook.com/StarbucksMalaysia

In 2016, Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company made a bold move and opened the first ever Starbucks signing store. It is the very first store of its kind in the entire world! The U.S market also decided to give it a try and opened two stores. Now, we have the fourth Starbucks signing store and it’s in Penang.

Starbucks signing store penang
Image credit: starbucks.com

Yes! The Starbucks signing store in Penang is officially open and running. So now you can get your cup of coffee or tea from this awesome place. It is also located in the heart of Penang’s deaf community.

This store has a partnership with the Penang Deaf Association to help the community. Starbucks is providing support, professional training, and development to the store’s partners. That’s right, Starbucks considers their employees as partners of the brand.

Starbucks partners in this outlet will also get opportunities for internships and sign language classes.

Starbucks Signing Store
Image credit: facebook.com/StarbucksMalaysia

The new Starbucks signing store in Penang stands at an impressive 3-storeys tall. Inside you will find that it has been digitally enhanced with inclusive designs. This is meant to meet the needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing partners as well as the customers.

For example, customers will find visual alarms, digital trays, and point-of-sale-systems that have an attached customer display.

Deaf Community Mural
Image credit: stories.starbucks.com

Furthermore, there is a beautiful mural on the wall that is the work of local Deaf artist, Lim Anuar. It is a stunning piece of art that is meant to celebrate the culture of the Deaf community.

Penang is the ideal location for a Starbucks signing store because it has a rich culture and historic relationship with the Deaf community that spans more than 50 years. If you are ever in the area, why not pop by and show your support for the local Deaf community.