At Home Cooking Kits Are A Great Way To Remove Stress From Cooking!

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One outcome of everyone being stuck at home now is that a lot more adventures happen in the kitchen. Some of us are now trying that new recipe, finally using THAT ingredient, and just baking nonstop. Social media timelines are now full of pictures and videos of what everyone is cooking. However, we understand that not everyone has the time or energy to cook everyday. Which is why we are here to recommend some delicious at home cooking kits to help you get a head start!

At Home Cooking Kits

at home cooking kits
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The beauty of at home cooking kits is that all your ingredients are already prepared for you. In fact, most of the time you can just stick them in a pot or pan and assemble. At home cooking kits help to remove the stress of preparing all your ingredients. Furthermore, you don’t have to buy a whole bottle of that one ingredient just for one dish.


d'Tandoor at home cooking kits
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d’Tandoor prides themselves on serving up delicious and authentic Northern Indian food since 1990. Now with the MCO, they are also selling at home cooking kits for some of your favourite dishes. We’re talking Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer, and Keema Mattar. To order, just WhatsApp the number listed on their Instagram, choose a time slot, then sit back and relax.

Ko Ko Kai

Ko Ko Kai at home cooking kits
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Craving some good ol’ Malaysian chicken rice? Ko Ko Kai by Loob Holding is now providing you with an at home cooking kit. Actually there’s no cooking, just some chopping and plating. In a kit you will receive a whole chicken, classic chicken rice, braised eggs, special soya sauce, homemade garlic chilli sauce, and chicken broth soup. All it takes is a DM on Instagram to place your order.


myBurgerLab is a really popular location for delicious and wholesome burgers made with love. In fact, rarely is there not a long queue of people eager to get their hands on those charcoal buns. Now, you can have your own myBurgerLab burger with their at home cooking kit! In the kit you will get their signature charcoal buns, ground beef, yellow cheddar, white cheddar, pickles, jalapenos, and some good sauces. In addition, they are giving you a whole pint of Inside Scoop ice cream! Order now at their official website. Maybe you will be able to get your burger to look as professional as the one in the video!

Botanica and Co

Botanica + Co Pizza
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Botanica and Co is now also providing you with some at home cooking kits for you to choose from. They’re known for their delicious pizza so it’s great that it’s one of the kits offered. Additionally you can also go for the chocolate chip cookies, banana cake, or valrhona chocolate pudding. Yum!


Looking for some good fresh pasta but not willing to go through all that work? Well, Littlepeople have got you covered with their fresh pasta at home cooking kits. They have a few varieties that you can choose from. So you no longer need to stress about fixing that pasta craving! You can place your order through their beepit menu.