8 Beauty Gifts For Beloved Mama This Mother’s Day

Everybody likes to be pampered once in a while, and for your moms, what better day to do so than Mother’s Day? Even though celebrations could be slightly muted due to the pandemic situation, you can still make it a meaningful one by spending time with her, and giving her gifts! Though there are plenty of gift options, we’ve narrowed down this list to the beauty category, for her to always remain radiant, and to look and feel good! Without further ado, here are 8 beauty gifts that you can get for mama this Mother’s Day!

1) Face Roller

Face rollers are a type of facial massage tool, and the most common ones we see all the time are probably the jade or rose quartz ones. Massaging your face using face rollers actually has plenty of benefits, including improving blood circulation in the face, decreasing puffiness, and distributing skincare product just to name a few. Rollers can actually be made of different gemstones, and there are even high-tech rollers, hexagonal rollers, and gold-plated rollers. Take your pick based on what mama needs!

2) Collagen Supplements

As the most abundant protein in our bodies, collagen is a major component of connective tissues that make up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, skin, and muscles. In other words, it’s responsible for skin elasticity and bone health, among other things. However, as we age, our bodies produce less collagen, therefore collagen supplements could be a good way to keep the collagen levels optimal. Consuming collagen can help with skin health, the most widely known benefit, as well as alleviating joint pain, and strengthening hair and nails.

3) Hair Serum

Mention serums, and most often our minds jump straight to skin serums. But our hair could use a little more TLC too! Just like skin serums, hair serums contain active ingredients to penetrate deeper into hair. They work on a surface level, and can be used for various functions such as controlling frizz, setting hairstyles, and for protection against heat/environmental elements. Restore mom’s crowning glory with a hair serum!

4) Panasonic’s EH-HS99 Hair Straightener

Whether for long or short hair, you can’t go wrong with a hair straightener to give you that glossy sheen. Panasonic’s EH-HS99 hair straightener features an advanced stable heater, and heat is distributed uniformly over the plates to maintain the correct temperature. What’s more, it uses the unique nanoe™ technology, which delivers moisture to hair for a silky smooth finish, and makes for effortless styling. It heats up in a mere 30 seconds to 100°C, and has five different temperature settings to choose from. Cut the time mom needs to get ready in half with this!

Image Credit: Panasonic

5) Bird’s Nest Drink

Bird’s nest has long been regarded as one of those all-rounded superfood, with its main benefit being strengthening the immune system. Besides that, consuming bird’s nest can also help with anti-aging, so this is quite an excellent gift for mom. With bird’s nest’s many benefits, you can be sure that mom will be in the pink of health, and possess that beauty glow from inside out as well!

6) Gua Sha Tool

The facial gua sha tool commonly goes hand in hand with face rollers, because these two items together work wonders for the face. Gua sha increases circulation and improves lymphatic function, which means that you’ll achieve a glowing complexion. It also helps with a facelift and contouring, and you can actually do it yourself at home with this tool! When lightly glided across the skin, it also helps with serum penetration, allowing your skin to better absorb the product. Turn the glow on for mom!

7) Portable Facial Steamer

For a while, it seemed like the high-tech beauty gadgets only belonged in the beauty centres and salons. Well, not anymore! Now, you can also get a portable facial steamer for mom, so that she can improve her skin care routine right at home. Steaming your skin has plenty of benefits, including promoting circulation, releasing trapped sebum, hydrating, promoting collagen and elastin, and helping skin better absorb skincare products to name a few.

8) Panasonic EH-NA98 Hair Dryer

Have you ever heard of a hair dryer that can contribute to your skin care routine? Because the Panasonic EH-NA98 hair dryer can! Featuring four special modes, one of them is the skin care mode, in which nanoe™ can actually help moisturise your skin. As a hair dryer, it doesn’t just dry your hair, but it also helps hydrate the hair and scalp thanks to its unique nanoe™ technology. nanoe™ and Double Mineral Ions prevent damage from brushing and protect from UV rays, so your hair is a lustrous, shiny sheet. The other special modes include intelligent temperature control mode, hot/cold alternating mode, and scalp mode. But let’s go back to the nanoe™ technology. Just what is it, and what’s so great about it?

Image Credit: Panasonic

nanoe™ technology, developed by Panasonic, consists of invisible, ultra fine water particles, containing 1,000 times more moisture than regular negative ions. It produces nano-sized electrostatic atomised water particles, and applies a high voltage charge to invisible moisture in the air to generate nano-sized water particles. Known as “electrostatic atomised water” contains highly reactive components which easily affect a wide variety of substances. Most hair dryers use ions, which only adhere to the hair surface, where nanoe™ helps moisture penetrate into the hair.

3 nanoe™ Benefits

  • Moisturises hair: nanoe™ penetrates hair through extremely small openings in the cuticle, and then tightens it, resulting in healthy, supple hair with a lustrous sheen.
  • Moisturises scalp: Moisture-rich nanoe™ moisturises your scalp to prevent dryness that causes hair damage.
  • Reduces frizz, suppresses static electricity: Dry or brushed hair generates a positive charge, resulting in fly-aways. nanoe™ neutralises the positive charge for more manageable, smooth hair.

As we age, our skin and hair loses their glow; wrinkles and damaged hair are often due to dryness. As such, moisturising is an integral step in any beauty regime, and Panasonic products, empowered with nanoe™ technology, will help deliver moisture for healthier, shinier hair. Besides the EH-NA98 hair dryer, Panasonic also has a range of other hair dryers, all of which have different features, but all employing the nanoe™ technology.

Image credits: Panasonic

This Mother’s Day, give mama the gift of nanoe™ by getting her a Panasonic product, and enhance her beauty regime! Now you stand a chance to win a Panasonic EH-NA98 hair dryer in Panasonic’s “What Makes You Mom Beautiful?” Giveaway by following these simple steps:

Image Credits: Panasonic

For more info on the contest, visit Panasonic’s Facebook Page.

The contest runs from 12-18 May 2021, and each EH-NA98 hair dryer is worth RM899 each. There are 5 units to be won, and winners will be announced on 21 May 2021. Good luck! With the new hair dryer, you can then perform a self-care routine together with her at home! Happy Mother’s Day!

To view more gifts of nanoe™ , visit panasonic.com!