Arinna Erin Models For Nike’s First Ever Modest Swimwear Line With Hijab

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Malaysian model Arinna Erin has made history by being one of the faces for Nike’s new modest swimwear line. In fact, this is the first time that the sports giant is producing a line swimwear that provides modesty. Furthermore, for their marketing campaign they have chosen Arinna to be one of the faces.

Arinna Erin
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When it comes to swimming, it can be quite difficult for muslim women to find the right outfit. There are hardly any brands out there that create their swimwear to be able to ‘tutup aurat’.

However, today is all about promoting inclusivity and consideration to the different communities around the world. This includes the different beliefs, values, and systems that many people observe.

Nike is now providing a solution to all muslim women to have a comfortable, functional, and appropriate swimming outfit. It even includes a hijab!

Arinna Erin
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To promote the new swimwear line is our very own Arinna Erin who is a model currently signed to BAME Models. In a post on her Instagram, she talks about how swimming is second nature to her.

While being a hijabi never stopped her, she understands that there is a struggle for muslim women. She then describes the Nike Victory Swimsuit as right and that swimming in it was effortless.

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Nike Victory Swim Collection I love swimming. I can safely say swimming is my second nature because when I do, I feel at peace, I feel light and just… happy. Being a hijabi never stopped me from doing the things I love, It’s a part of me that I cherish, not something that limits my journey to do greater things. We all know the struggle of looking for the perfect swimsuit that covers our aurah and for some, they’d just avoid swimming altogether. It is encouraged in Islam to be active, to be healthy; this includes swimming. Although I’ve never let anything stop me from swimming, I still wanted a swimsuit that was functional and not just aesthetically pleasing to look at. The moment I put on the @nike Victory swimsuit, it felt right. It served its purpose and swimming in it was effortless. I’m a firm believer and advocate of trying new things, doing the things I love and making sure it’ll all be worth it in the end, whatever it may be. Never limit yourself, Just Do It.

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It is amazing to see a big company like Nike show that they know the needs of their audience. Providing women with the opportunity to dress the way that they choose while being able to enjoy their activities is a step in the right direction.

Muslim women who have struggled to find the right attire can now have this option. Even if the swimwear line is not for them, it is still nice to know that a big company like Nike is aware of their struggles.

Hopefully more companies will become aware of the situation and move towards providing more options and opportunities to women around the world.