Local Flavoured Food We Might Not Have Expected But Here They Are

Image credit: facebook.com and says.com

When we think of fusion food we tend to think of dishes that incorporate ingredients and cooking styles from different cuisines. Take for example Japanese sesame sauce pasta or taco pizzas. Fusion food is quite popular around the world especially in communities living outside their home countries. However, did we ever imagine that our own Malaysian experiences would creep into our food? Here are some local flavoured food we might not have expected!

Laksa Tea and Haw Flakes Smoothies

Laksa tea- local flavoured tea
Image credit: penangfoodie.com

Anyone who pays a visit to Penang knows how seriously they take their laksa. In fact, the love for laksa runs deep enough that a cafe in George Town is now serving Laksa tea. Gao Enough Tea cafe’s ‘L A K S A’ brings tea, noodle-like jellies, and asam paste together.

Of course they also include the signature bunga kantan that helps give it that fresher tase. It also helps to take away some of the fishy taste one might get. The drink is hand-shaken until everything is incoporated.

Haw flakes smoothie
Image credit: says.com

Other than that, Gao Enough Tea is also bringing Haw Flakes smoothies to the menu. You know you’re getting the real deal because they blend up actual haw flakes in the drink. As a result, you’ll get that sweet and tart flavour of a classic Haw Flake.

White Rabbit

White Rabbit Ice Cream - local flavoured
Image credit: says.com

Growing up in Malaysia, kids have access to a wide variety of sweets and candies but one iconic candy will always be the White Rabbit. Everyone who saw it for the first time was blown away by the fact that we could eat the ‘wrapper’. Also, it’s really tasty!

Therefore it’s not a huge surprise that last year the candy was making headlines as eateries scrambled to incorporate it the local taste. We had ice creams, bubble tea, as well as cakes with this classic sweet milky taste.

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa

Merry Me Pei Pa Koa local flavoured ice cream
Image credit: facebook.com

The last item on our list of local flavours is the Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa which I’m sure many of us remember taking while growing up. This black and bitter medicine was often our parent’s go to for tackling coughs.

Merry Me Ice Cream is now serving up Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa flavoured ice cream for you to enjoy a cold sweet treat while curbing that cough or sore throat. This online store also has salted egg Oreo, tao sar piah, and kaya toast on their flavour menu for you to choose from!