White Rabbit Candy Ice Cream Brings Back All the Feels!

No, you couldn’t have possibly grown up in Malaysia and not tried the White Rabbit candy before. Yes, it is now an ice cream flavour. And yes, it is triggering all sorts of nostalgia and feels! *starts daydreaming about carefree days when I was still a child*

White Rabbit Candy

If you’re one of the uninformed (but how?), the White Rabbit candy is a creamy, milky sweet wrapped in two layers of paper. The outermost layer is a waxed paper with its signature rabbit printed on top of it, but the second layer is the one causing frenzy, even till today. Thin and crisp, this layer looks just like a mini, fragile sheet of paper, and it’s meant to be eaten. Actually, people probably enjoy this edible layer of sticky rice wrapping more than the actual sweet itself! Originated from Shanghai, the sweet quickly swept across international borders and became the childhood of many.

Image Credit: worldofbuzz.com

And Then Comes the Ice Cream

Before you call your homies and grab your car keys, ready to hightail to wherever that provides this ice cream, you wait ah. Unless you’re currently living in the U.S., or Los Angeles to be specific, we’re sorry to ruin your White Rabbit candy ice cream dream. Wanderlust Creamery, based in L.A., is the only shop that sells this ice cream flavour at the moment, and even there it’s a limited-edition flavour – only available for nine days. If you can get there, do try it out and please let us know what it tastes like! However, do note that the ice cream does not come with the sticky rice wrapping. Apparently, it’s impossible to make the ice cream with the rice wrapping intact.

Image Credit: mothership.sg

Hello, Malaysian Ice Cream Shops?

Are you there? Are you watching? I think I collectively speak for the nation when I say “please create a White Rabbit candy ice cream here in Malaysia too”? Someone, anyone…?