A Bullet Train To Bangkok And China Might Be A Reality For Malaysians!

Image credit: baolau.com and engadget.com

In the future you might be considering a trip to Thailand or China and wondering what’s the best way to get there. Well, a bullet train may soon be an option for you too. Thailand is planning to introduce a high-speed bullet train that connects Thailand to neighbouring countries.

The Thai government has titled the project as the ‘Trans-Asean Line’ and Malaysia is on the map! Deputy Transport Minister Pailin Chucottaworn said “Thais will be able to take high-speed trains to the Chinese capital and Singapore from a railway station in Bang Sue in the future.”

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Thailand aims to promote their economy in the long run through this project. It’s also a great way to upgrade the transportation system in Thailand. This is the first time that Thailand will have such a modern mode of transportation.

A whopping 3,193 kilometres will be covered by the tracks which will cost the government 2.07 trillion baht. That equals to about RM277.7 billion which is a huge investment. It should all be worth it as the government is looking at the benefits on a long term scale.

Image credit: bangkokpost.com

Construction has already begun with about 55% of the tracks between Vientiane, Laos and Mohan, China are completed. The route between Bangkok and Nong Khai is also under construction and is scheduled to reach completion by 2023.

Tracks covering 608km will serve as the main transport system to Laos which is located next to Nong Khai. Passengers need to hop on to another train route to reach Vientiane.

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However, take note that the southern route is still in discussion between the governments of Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. If everything runs smoothly we can soon be on a train for our next Thailand bound trip!