Don’t Forget To Claim Your RM30 eWallet Credit This Coming January!

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As 2019 is coming to an end, let’s start to look forward at the new year and new decade that’s coming. And with this new year we also full heartedly embrace new technologies such as eWallets. Which is exactly why the government is giving us RM30 eWallet credit to spend!

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It can seem quite daunting to embrace this new form of finance technology that allows us to leave our wallets at home. In fact, sometimes it’s just a habit to always consider using cash instead of our eWallets.

Therefore, as part of Budget 2020 the government is allocating RM450 million to encourage Malaysians to embrace eWallets. Those who are eligible will be able to claim the RM30 eWallet credit.

RM30 eWallet credit
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There are three popular eWallets that are taking part in the e-Tunai Rakyat programme which are GrabPay, Touch n’ Go, and Boost. In charge of the programme is Khazanah Nasional Berhad working with other bodies.

So who is eligible for the one-off RM30 eWallet credit? There are three criteria’s that you must meet in order to claim your credit. The first is that you must be a Malaysian citizen who is 18-years old or older in 2020. Next, your annual income needs to be less than RM100,000.

As long as you fulfil these three criteria’s then you will be able to claim from the programme.

RM30 eWallet credit
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But how do you claim the RM30 eWallet credit? Firstly, choose which eWallet you prefer to use and then sign up for an account. You must also confirm your identity and eligibility to receive the incentive.

The e-Tunai Rakyat programme will begin on the 15th of January and run until the 14th of March. You will be able to claim your eWallet credit through the app of your choice. Take note that you may only claim once through one app and that the credit is nontransferable.

In fact, you must also spend the money with any of the eWallet’s merchants within the programme period. After the 14th of March, your RM30 eWallet credit will expire and you won’t be able to spend it. So don’t forget to claim it and don’t forget to spend it!