Growth Technique Helps Boost Productivity and Improve Efficiency of Your Sales/Field Team

More often than not, field forces perform several miscellaneous tasks on top of meeting prospects and closing deals. Usually, these tasks are administrative in nature and take up a lot of time. Without a proper system, enterprises will end up disorganised and inefficient as well. To band your company together and work together as a well-oiled team, Growth Technique presents you with a unified solution.

About Growth Technique (GT)

Growth Technique is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that manages sales activities, assigns work orders, and allows for ample data storage. By using this super-task manager, flow of data is regulated and tasks to be completed are always up-to-date, boosting employee productivity and efficiency. Targeted at SMEs with a minimum of two sales/field persons, GT was founded in November 2017, and its app development started in early January 2018. The idea for GT came about when co-founder Sebastian Tan attended a technology social event. He struck up conversation with one of the regional sales manager of the company, who lamented the fact that his sales team spent too much time performing administrative tasks, rather than focusing on bringing in sales and closing deals. Immediately, ideas bloomed in Sebastian’s mind.

The Development of GT

After listening to the sales manager, Sebastian realised that SMEs could improve their employees’ productivity if they had an all-in-one platform to minimise and simplify the administrative tasks. Therefore, together with a group of programmers, they developed GT as a solution to the aforementioned problems. With better organisation, less time is wasted, productivity increases, cost decreases, and data flow is streamlined. Furthermore, GT allows for “admin”, “user”, and “management” roles, improving communication between the company and employees.

GT’s Unique Features

seamless schedule allows work to be arranged based on priority, skill, resource availability, travel costs, and location. Incidentally, all users will be able to view this schedule on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It also provides both online and offline support. With this access availability, operational speed and productivity is improved. Access is real-time, so employees can schedule or rearrange appointments with customers based on availability. This ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. GT also provides a cloud data storage, enabling seamless data flow between company and employees, as well as different branches of the business. Accessible by all users, you never have to worry about not being able to view updates or information!

Subscribe to GT

As of May 2018, GT already has 100 users with 10 SME subscriptions. Their monthly subscription plans are:

  • RM 150/per user (From 1-5 users)
  • RM 120/per user (From 6-10 users)
  • RM 50/per month (From 11 users onwards)

Besides that, GT also offers customisation services in creating extra value for your targeted business needs and work mandate. Apart from their website, GT’s app is already available for Android users, whereas the iOS version will be launched in early September 2018.



“We understand that almost 89% of the SMEs especially service sectors in Malaysia requires a simple and affordable sales solution for their daily monitoring needs. Therefore, we are channeling our resources to establish a SaaS platform for the small to medium enterprises
involved in the service and distribution sectors.”