5 Tips On How You Can Still Lose Weight While Staying At Home

No gym? No problem! When everyone is forced to stay at home, some of you who regularly exercise may find it difficult to figure out what kind of workouts you could do at home. There are plenty of ways to keep your heart pumping, right at the comfort of your own home – especially with COVID-19, who knows how long you’ll be stuck indoors.

1. Workout Tutorials on YouTube

Always joining various classes provided in the gym such as Zumba and Yoga? Well, luckily, you can find various videos all over YouTube with tutorials and even dedicated Zumba channels to dance your heart away, all while staying in your comfy workout clothes! You don’t even have to dress decently to any class when you can have your very own virtual session in your home. Just search ‘Zumba Workout’ or any workouts that you usually enjoy if Zumba isn’t your cup of tea, and start sweating your fats away. 

2. Eat Nutritious Food 

Since you have all the time in the world, you can’t make the excuse of getting the fastest meal you could find (and by that, usually it means fast food). Now, you can even start your day with a healthy nutritious breakfast such as oatmeal, fruits and eggs with tomatoes. You could also prepare a wholesome meal with all the necessary nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and fats, instead of just relying on instant noodles, which is quite unhealthy if eaten almost every day.

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3. Bodyweight Exercises With No Equipment

You would think that you need to use some fancy equipment, all which you could find at the gym, to lose weight. Ha! You haven’t discovered the beauty of home exercises with NO equipment needed! Check out this video from FitnessBlender, and you’ll be losing calories left and right with this awesome HIIT workout – no equipment needed. 

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4. Take Advantage of the Furniture in Your Home! 

What in the world do I mean by that? Take a look at your chairs and tables, and even your stairs if you have one. You could do workouts just by using household furniture. Even with a wall, you could do wall-sits, an effective exercise that will burn your leg muscles to the core. Not forgetting your couch where you probably spend most of your time on – exercises you could do are tricep dips, decline push-ups and the list goes on. 

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5. Clean the House

You must be wondering, how can you lose weight by simply cleaning your own house? Did you know that by cleaning and doing household chores, you could burn calories almost equal to going for a run on a treadmill? By simply cleaning out your closet, sweeping and mopping the floor, dusting shelves and cupboards, it could all easily tire you out! You could challenge yourself even more by ensuring all of your muscles are being worked as you do them. 

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Instead of being just a couch potato eating junk food all day long, consider these tips and get your butt moving! After all, you have more than enough time to start taking care of your body and health, no silly excuses to back you up this time, right?