Gianni Subba – An Up-and-coming Malaysian MMA Fighter to Watch

If you like to see a good fight as a sport, especially if it is fought fair, with passion and excellent technique, then you have to lookout for this young Malaysian MMA fighter. Introducing to you Gianni Subba – a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter who is already fighting with ONE Championship, one of the largest MMA Organizations in Asia.

About Gianni Subba

While it takes years of hard work and devotion to become a great fighter, Gianni Subba is already drawing attention to him, and he’s just 23 years old. Fighting in the flyweight category, Gianni Subba, a mixed-blood of Malaysian and Nepali, started his pro MMA career at the age of 19. To date, he has 8 professional fights under his belt with a record of 7W-1L. He is now on a 4-0 winning streak, as we speak.gianni-subba-1

For sure Subba is not putting his little success on luck but the enormous amount of hard work he dedicates in order to get to where he is today. To put into perspective, imagine the immeasurable hours he spent on training, countless body injuries he sustained during training and strict diet he has to endure in order to keep himself in tiptop condition.

“It is both a mental and physical feat.” Subba told TallyPress.gianni-subba-2

The training sessions of this promising Malaysian fighter take place in Bali, with the Bali MMA, and under the close supervision and guidance of the famous Leone brothers. They are the men destined with the task to make sure that this young man will succeed on his chosen path.

For this, Subba believes he is a blessed man. While Subba is described as a humble guy, having in consideration that he managed to acquire a lot of success and attention in a very short notice, we tend to believe it is also talent besides hard work that sets him apart on a spectacular destiny.

The Turning Point

Most fighters have a humble debut, as they may lack experience and strong skills. Gianni Subba was the opposite. He managed to have a spectacular debut match at a show in Southern Malaysia, where in front of 10,000 fans, he knocked out his Singaporean opponent with a single kick, in the first round.gianni-subba-3

It was a very quick and short match, which showed just how determined this young man is, in ruling the MMA world. Subba definitely garnered a lot of attention after this win, almost overnight, becoming one of the most regarded fighters in Malaysia. His life changed in a great deal since the fight.

Subba’s Vision and Beliefs

Subba believes hard work and persistence is the key to success. While he enjoys the process of getting to the top, he is a firm believer of goals too. He knows when to get back to training after celebration as he hopes to be in his best shape for the future fights in order not to let his fans down.


Besides that, Subba is a fighter who is armed with a positive mindset and never gives up easily. Despite all the limelight he is getting, he had his worst moment too. But that did not stop him from charging forward.

“The worst thing has been losing a fight that I knew I should’ve won. I didn’t perform well and lost a decision to a foreign fighter, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it motivated me to work harder and thought me a valuable lesson about not ever being complacent.” Subba told TallyPress.

When asked what his dream is, Subba said to TallyPress it is definitely winning a world title for Malaysia.

“To achieve that, I’m going to train and train and train. There is nothing else to it, hard work, perseverance and grit. To be the best athlete I can possibly be.”

Subba wants to draw attention to his home country, Malaysia, wishing to make it more noticeable on the world’s map through his performances.

“No matter what you are doing, hard work and persistence is the key to success. I learnt this when I had the honour of training with world class fighters overseas. And I try to apply this principle in every area of my life.”

– Gianni Subba