Top 10 Elder Care Services in KL & Selangor

Top 10 Elder Care in KL & Selangor
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From working to managing your own family, it’s understandable that juggling multiple daily tasks can be taxing for some people. And more so if you have elderly loved ones at home. Thankfully, you can engage elder care services, where professional caregivers and nurses can look after your loved ones, say while you are at work. So, if you are looking for some recommendations, check out the Top 10 Elder Care Services based in KL & Selangor areas.

1) Jasper Lodge 

Elderly residents are in good hands at Jasper Lodge, thanks to its 24/7 care from doctors and nurses. Jasper Lodge also offers daily nutritious meals & snacks and other quality essential services like palliative care, rehabilitation and assisted living. And that is not all, as elderly residents can look forward to various interactive activities to stay active on a daily basis. | FB: jasperlodgemalaysia | IG: @jasperlodge

2) Pillar


Pillar specialises in home-based nursing and caregiving, where they offer comprehensive services for elderly people regardless of basic or complex needs. For instance, Pillar has a team of highly-qualified caregivers to help them manage daily activities like feeding, bathing and dressing. They also provide companionship as well as simple meal preparation and various specialised care, namely for dementia and stroke. | FB: pillarasia | IG: @pillarasia

3) Homage Malaysia

Homage Malaysia

Homage has over 3000 care professionals nationwide including caregivers, nurses and therapists, all of which are 100% screened to ensure your loved ones only receive the best quality care possible. Among their services available include home care and nursing care, offering the likes of activities of daily living (ADLs), check-in visits and medication administration. They also provide home physiotherapy sessions to help the elderly regain their strength and mobility. | FB: | IG: @homagecare_my

4) CARE Concierge Sdn Bhd

CARE Concierge Sdn Bhd

CARE Concierge has a team of caregivers, nurses and therapists a.k.a. CARE Pros to help take care of the elderly and tend to their needs. Services include home & nursing care, physiotherapy sessions and specialised care, just to name a few. For the latter, CARE Pros have their respective qualifications and experiences to handle elderly patients who have certain medical conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke and cancer. | FB: careconcierge | IG: @careconcierge

5) H2H Eldercare

H2H Eldercare

H2H Eldercare’s care specialists are all well-trained with years of experience in taking care of elderly people. This includes assisted daily living (ADL), companionship and specialised care. They also provide a unique elderly-friendly service called MANDI ME, which refers to holistic bathing techniques. Using medically-recommended halal products, not only does MANDI ME help to promote skin health but also other benefits like improving circulation and comfort. | FB:

6) My Aged Care Old Folks Home

My Aged Care Old Folks Home

Based in Petaling Jaya, My Aged Care offer a homey environment for the elderly, complete with essential amenities. The latter covers everything 24/7 hands-on care, daily nutritious meals, health monitoring and assisted daily living (ADL) like feeding and bathing. Elderly residents can also look forward to enrichment activities such as hand-eye coordination games and music programmes. | FB: myagedcaresdnbhd | IG:

7) The Senior Care

The Senior Care

The Petaling Jaya-based Senior Care is more than just a home for the elderly. Other than offering comfort within its tranquil environment, they also provide essential services specially catered to their respective needs. Among them include long-term or short-term assisted daily living (e.g. dressing, managing medication), physiotherapy and nursing care. | FB: theseniorcare | IG: @theseniorcare

8) 24 Angels Home Care

24 Angels Home Care

24 Angels Home Care prides itself in offering quality, yet affordable home care for the elderly. Each caregiver has undergone a rigorous screening process, where all of them are well-trained with years of experience. Some of their services include an in-house caregiver and they cover the likes of ADL, medical escort to the clinic or hospital and monitoring their vital signs such as blood pressure and respiration. They also provide others like home TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), namely acupuncture and manipulation, physiotherapy and nursing care. | FB: 24angelshomecare

9) Lotus Care Premium Assisted Living

Lotus Care Premium Assisted Living

Far from your average retirement home, Lotus Care offers a comfortable home-sweet-home-style environment for the elderly to spend their twilight years. The staff is both friendly and caring regardless of assisting them in daily activities or others like companionship and managing their medical needs. And in order to increase mobility and stimulate mental health, they also offer group physiotherapy and activities like board games, stretching and mahjong sessions. | FB: thelotuscare | IG: @lotuscaremy

10) NURSES AT HOME Malaysia


Operating since 2005, Nurses At Home specialises in home-based care, offering services like administration of injections, stoma care and pain management. They also provide other services like palliative care, health monitoring and assistance in activities of daily living, namely walking and toileting. The nurses here are all qualified and experienced professionals, ensuring peace of mind that your elderly loved ones are well taken care of. | FB: Nursesathomemalaysia

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