Why this Special Malaysian Banknote is Worth RM37,000

Bank Negara Malaysia recently held its eighth auction of the Malaysian banknotes with special serial numbers. The auction was held on Saturday, 27 April 2019, at the Auditorium Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia. MNP Auctioneers (Central) Sdn. Bhd. was the appointed auctioneer. And believe it or not, the highest bid was RM37,000. Just for one note!

There are many reasons that banknotes with special serial numbers attract attention and hold value to both collectors and non-collectors. Some people may believe that certain numbers have special meanings such as their birthdates, house numbers, phone numbers, or car numbers. While some are mostly attracted to obtaining these numbers because of ‘Feng Shui’ or general good luck.

The auction consisted of 193 lots of Malaysian Banknotes featuring special serial numbers ranging from ladder numbers, low numbers to solid numbers. Here is a brief explanation of these terms:

Single Ladders

Image credit: mnp.com.my

Single Ladders are commonly known and referred to as ascending serial numbers with different prefix (e.g. EG1234567) while the “Super Single Ladder” refers to ascending serial numbers with the same prefix (e.g. FF1234567). While the “Reverse Single Ladder” refers to descending serial numbers with different prefix (e.g. EG7654321) and the “Super Reverse Single Ladder” is those that have the same prefix and descending numbers (e.g. FF7654321).

Low Numbers

Image credit: mnp.com.my

Low numbers are serial numbers that bear the first ten digits (e.g. AB0000001 to AB0000010) and are auctioned as single note. When the prefix is the same, it is considered as “Super Low Numbers” (e.g. BB0000001 to BB0000010). And the set of 10 refers to serial numbers that bear the first 10 digits auction in a set of 10 pieces (e.g AB0000001 to AB0000010).


Image credit: mnp.com.my

Solid is referring to banknotes bearing all the same numbers with different prefix (e.g. AD8888888) while a “Super Solid” has the same numbers and prefix (e.g. CC8888888).

Ten Million

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Typical Malaysian banknotes have only seven digits, but this has eight digits (e.g. AA 10000000) and fetches high value amongst collectors for its uniqueness

What Happened

A total of 101 bidders were present, with 59 of them being in the live audience while 42 were bidding online. The “Super Solid” serial number BB2222222 on an RM100 banknote fetched the highest auctioned price of RM37,000. Other serial numbers amongst the highest auctioned include CC0000001 to CC0000010, FF10000000, BB1234567, CC3333333, CC8888888, CC9999999, DD10000000, CC1234567, and BB2222222. Prices for these valuable serial numbers ranged between RM2,700 and RM37,0000.