Catch ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’ On Netflix Now!

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Looking for something to binge watch this week? Want something a little newer from the Harry Potter universe? Well then I’ve got great news for you because the latest movie in the Fantastic Beasts franchise is officially available on Netflix now!

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Most of us are probably familiar with the Harry Potter franchise that brought us many great cinematic enjoyments. We enjoyed watching Harry, Ron, and Hermione fight off bad guys, cope with homework, and even battle it out on the Quidditch field.

If many of you are like me, then you were probably a bit sad to see the end of the movie series. Despite the happy ending we got with Voldemort finally being defeated, it was a teary goodbye.

But then?!

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J.K Rowling and Warner Bros announced that they would be releasing a new movie! And so we were introduced to Newt Scamander and his Fantastic Beasts. We first joined him on his journey to seek out Beasts around the world.

Of course we were then introduced to Grindelwald played by familiar face Johnny Depp. Once again he does a splendid job in embodying a character with a bit of a personality.

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Grindelwald is a powerful dark wizard seeking to lead a new Wizarding order. This is because he believes in the superiority of wizards.

In the second instalment released last year, we saw Grindelwald escaping imprisonment and giving the wizarding world some trouble. Want to know more?

Well now you can watch it on the local branch of Netflix! The movie was on the streaming platform prior to this but was unavailable to us Malaysians. However, as of the 13th of September we now have access to watch.

Looks like this weekend is just me, some snacks, and a good old Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts binge session.