Tutu Toe Dance Academy Is Where Dreams Come Alive

Image Credit: Tutu Toe Dance Academy

The journey to become a dancer is not an easy one, as dancers have to be resilient, determined and disciplined among other things. Many give up halfway due to various reasons, but if you are nurturing your very own dance dream, check out Tutu Toe Dance Academy, where dreams come alive.

About Tutu Toe Dance Academy

Tutu Toe Dance Academy was founded in 2015 by Ms Jess Foo and Ms Queennie Chng, who are both passionate ballerinas. They were inspired to contribute back to the ballet community by inspiring more students and nurturing them into outstanding dancers. At Tutu Toe Dance Academy, they specialise only in Classical Ballet and Modern Jazz, developing and perfecting teaching methods and programs in these two dance types. As a dance academy, they aim to provide their students with a solid training ground to become professional dancers and make it their career. This includes selecting and training students to compete, which helps with exposure to a professional setting and performance opportunities, leading to a potential career along the road.

Image Credit: Tutu Toe Dance Academy

Putting The Best Foot Forward

Before starting up, Ms Jess and Ms Queennie observed various ballet schools and made note of areas of improvements during operations, including customer service, interior design and teaching approaches. By identifying these areas, they built a ballet school which provides the best learning experience for the students and customer experience for the parents. Facilities include CCTVs and electrical-powered doors for security, and locations are strategic enough at Kota Damansara, Desa Park City and 1 Utama Shopping Centre for parents to pass time conveniently. All their dance instructors are also professionally trained and qualified to ensure that the students will be receiving the best education. Besides Ms Jess and Ms Queennie, Ms Jess’ husband Zen Chow also helps run the academy as Managing Director. Both Ms Jess and Ms Queennie have a number of accolades and achievements, under their belt, and you can read more about them here.

Image Credit: Tutu Toe Dance Academy

Quality Through Discipline

At Tutu Toe Dance Academy, it is not enough just to be qualified. Besides qualification, dance instructors should also be genuinely passionate about dance and teaching in order to provide the best for their students. With a combination of passionate, qualified teachers and a conducive learning environment, students are able to unleash their full potential. Currently, their team consists of dance instructors with at least five years of teaching experience and have started learning ballet since a very young age. In addition, Tutu Toe Dance Academy also highly values discipline, another important aspect in dance. Discipline is important not just for classes to be conducted, but also to teach the students how to self-regulate and be a better version of themselves. Ballet-related products such as leotards, ballet shoes and hair nets are also readily available at the academy, where students are required to don proper ballet attire and put their hair up in a bun neatly for classes. Custom-made costumes are prepared for students who compete as well.

Image Credit: Tutu Toe Dance Academy

Where Dreams Come Alive

Everyone who has a dream of ballet is welcome, and “Where Dreams Come Alive” is their slogan. Basically, their academy is a place where dreams come alive specifically for all who dreams a ballet dream. As educators, they are constantly on the look out for more opportunities and platforms for their students. Their students have performed in local shopping malls and won numerous outstanding awards at competitions, including CSTD Malaysia Dance Competition, Asia Pacific Dance Competition, Taiwan Grand Prix, Get the Beat, Canaan Dance in Hong Kong and Malaysia, the Hong Kong Challenge Cup Dance Competition, Malaysia Grand Prix and Ballet Challenge. In 2019, their professional dance team was also awarded the overall champion at the local Get the Beat Dance Competition and was invited to compete with participants from all around the world at the final competition. Since 2015, Tutu Toe Dance Academy has expanded from one to three branches, with the latest opening in October 2020 with a dancewear outlet store as well. In the next five years, they hope to expand their business further for better recognition, and to pave a better career pathway for their students, aiming to change the traditional idea that it is not possible to build a sustainable career by dancing.

Image Credit: Tutu Toe Dance Academy

“Tutu Toe Dance Academy was established to help nurture our students into the becoming the ballerinas that they dream of. It is where dreams come alive. Seeing the smile of our students is truly one of our biggest motivation to persist on our passion in teaching ballet.” – Tutu Toe Dance Academy

To make your dream come alive, visit tututoedanceacademy.my!