5 Unique Croissant Flavors to Try in KL & Selangor

Out of the many pastries available, croissants are probably the most famous and the most versatile. The main ingredients to make croissants are just flour and butter but the result which is a soft and flaky melt-in-your-mouth puff pastry is absolutely scrumptious.

There are many bakeries and patisseries in KL and Selangor that offer croissants but here are a few unique flavors to try if you are looking for some variety.

1) Tropico Croissant @ Flakes

Located in SS2 Hub, Flakes is well-known for their croissants which is really their pride and joy. Painstakingly made with French flour and butter daily, you can find croissants in their breakfast menu as well as stand-alone in different kind of flavors.  

I first got my hands on their tasty croissants when a friend of my sister’s delivered a box of pastry goodness to us. One of those pastry was the Tropico Croissant – a croissant filled with baked coconut custard and mango purée, topped with desiccated coconut and dehydrated pineapple – every bite was a wonderful surprise.

I went back for a second round, and it didn’t disappoint. Just like its name, the tropical flavors were an absolute delight.

Address: B-G-06, The Hub SS2, 19 Sentral, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya
Opening hours: 9.30am to 6pm (Daily)

2) Cheese Croissant @ Chizu

You might have heard of Chizu before – they are famous for their tea drinks that are topped with light and frothy Japanese cheese. I love their drinks (the slight saltiness of the cheese goes well with their tea), but I shall not get distracted.

Honzu which is a sister brand of Chizu is a bakery that specializes in Japanese croissants. In certain outlets such as the one in Tropicana Gardens Mall, they are both combined into one café where you can enjoy both their drinks and croissants.

They serve a wide variety of sweet and savory croissants – your only concern would be how many you can eat in one seating. Out of all the options available, their cheese croissants stand out. After all, they are known for it. Give their Japanese Cheese and Cheddar Cheese croissant a try if you are in the vicinity!

Address: Click here for their outlets.

3) Earl Grey Yuzu Croissant @ Sphere Patisserie

A Muslim-friendly patisserie serving artisan cakes and pastries, a scroll through their Instagram page will get you salivating and drooling. Not to mention, their croissants certainly look like art too!

They offer three croissant boxes to be purchased – sweet croissant, savory croissant, and butter croissant. For their sweet croissant box, there are three interesting flavors we don’t come across everyday – lychee rose, matcha pistachio and earl grey yuzu.

All of them sound delicious but I must say I am most intrigued by the earl grey yuzu croissant. Earl grey as a flavor has been around for a while but to be paired with yuzu should be an interesting combination. Let us know if you’ve tried and what your verdict is!

Address: Delivery / drive-thru at Cheras
Opening hours: 9am to 6pm

4) Assamboi Lime Croissant @ Gula Sucre

I came across this place when I was researching cafes to work from and their shop is located in the same place as the Glass House in Damansara Perdana.

Intrigued as they also offer vegan options for their pastries, I placed an order for 4 of their croissants (minimum order is 4) – teh tarik, assamboi lime, strawberry pistachio, and banana jackfruit. They also offer savory flavors such as vindaloo and rendang.

Take note that their vegan option is not available for their teh tarik and cheese flavor. As croissants are baked fresh, orders must be placed at least one day in advance. You can choose to have them delivered or you can pick them up from their shop.

Out of all the flavors, my favorite was the assamboi lime. It was also the one that caught my attention in the first place. The lime filling paired with the assamboi powder was refreshing and tangy – a pleasant combination.

Address: Delivery / pick-up at Damansara Perdana
Opening hours: 9am to 5pm (except Sunday)

Top left: strawberry pistachio, top right: banana jackfruit, bottom left: teh tarik, bottom right: assamboi lime. Image credit: @JC

5) Pumpkin Custard Croissant @ Hazukido

Although the name sounds Japanese, Hazukido hails from Taiwan and has outlets across Southeast Asia. Known for using a unique folding technique to create their trademark honeycomb multi-layer croissants, you can find several Hazukido outlets here in Malaysia.

Like Chizu, they also offer a wide variety of flavors with interesting fillings and toppings. Baked fresh on a daily basis in their outlets, they use high quality natural ingredients in their croissants. This helps create a texture of crispy outer later and soft inner layer.

Just in time for Halloween, they have released a new flavor fit for the season – pumpkin custard croissant. I’ve always like pumpkin flavors, so I look forward to trying this out. How about you – what are some of your favorite flavors from Hazukido?

Address: Click here for their outlets.