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Have you ever wondered how someone can generate so much power and vibrato from that body? Or perhaps how a person can hold onto a high note for what seems like an eternity? Well, you do not have to be one who are envious of others. Instead, you can now be your own superstar and singing maestro beyond the bathroom or karaoke bars. If you need a place that can unravel your inner diva, The Vocal Studio is here to help you achieve your dreams.

About The Vocal Studio Singapore

The Vocal Studio provides various vocal lessons to students who wants to improve their singing skills or voice. They focus on creating the curriculum and the business engine to ensure that the school has a strong community of student learners. This allows  opportunities for performance and growth while gathering resource for students to enjoy the process on finding their inner voice.

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Classes and Lessons Provided

They give vocal classes in three main areas – general singing and vocal skills, specialised stylistic workshops and speaking/voice skills. Like most music schools, they have regular singing lessons while having teachers who are specialised in each genre of music provide stylistic workshops for greater exposure. The different types of music include but are not limited to Jazz, Kpop, Latin, Bollywood, Gypsy and much more.

In addition, they are opening up voice recording sessions for students who are seeking recording experience. They hold performance days several times a year for students to go on stage, or organize other performing experiences by collaborating with external parties.

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Singing As A Form Of Self Expression

The team is extremely passionate about people finding their inner voice through the art of singing. Additionally, they believe that singing helps people to fully express themselves, which in turns fuel the initial step of self-understanding, communication, and empowerment. Furthermore, they believe that a pure exam and certification-focused way of looking at singing detracts students from being able to utilise music the way it could – to find their inner voice. Self-expression is a core component of having a meaningful life, and they want to provide that for the students.

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Creating A Safe Environment To Sing

Their focus has always been to provide people with a supportive, no-judgement space to learn singing and express themselves. They recognise that it is often related to a life stage where people are seeking to grow in an area beyond work or studies, and have always loved music. Regardless of the background, they want to focus on creating an inspiring and judgement-free experience in learning vocals. Ultimately, they want to offer expressive singing, and cultural exposure programs to schools in Singapore to allow children to understand themselves better while learning about different cultures.

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“Each and every person is born with great voice, and the world needs their voice. The world becomes better place when we can voice ourselves in a free yet beautiful manner, and when we listen to other’s voice with care.”

– The Vocal Studio

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