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Nothing is more rewarding than stepping into the comfort of your own home and the end of a long and tiring day. What makes the experience even more satisfying is to set foot into an intricately and purposefully decorated place, that provides every home owner with extra pride, satisfaction and visual feast. However, home decoration can be a time consuming process especially for those who may be clueless on where to begin. Fret not, as the experts at Oveyliving are happy to lend a helping hand!

About Oveyliving

Oveyliving is a design-inspired boutique home & lifestyle online store based in East Malaysia. They are enthusiastic about elements of elegance, modern classic, nature, colour, fun, and most importantly enjoy recreating spaces and styles that enhance everyone’s personal and unique approach. Their strong selling points is that it is refreshing and niche in design & functionality. Besides that, Oveyliving cares about quality and they will always ensure they deliver the highest quality to customers.

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Oveyliving Specialty and Products

The removable wallpapers by Chasing Paper from New York is one of the product brands that the founder personally adores. She have always been looking for an alternative solution to installing traditional wallpaper which requires good workmanship to trim and paste the wallpaper with specific glue, in other words highly dependent on skillful workers, and sadly these days they are lack of dedicated skill workers in this area.

When she found out about Chasing Paper and tried them for one of her projects, it was love at first sight. Not only are these wallpapers modern and beautiful in design, they are easy to handle as they come in small panels and they are removable which means no more worries about making mistakes. Most of all, there’s no need to glue, drill or employ skillful workers to accomplish the work. Anyone who knows how to peel and stick can do it at home or office.


The other product that she likes is the Pif Paf Puf hanging storage by OYOY from Denmark. These hanging bowls are a representative of Scandinavian products, simple, clean and minimal. They can easily pull off as a centerpiece in any rooms or areas.

There are so many other products that the founder would love to share about, but she will just mention another, and this is for the lifestyle range – they are bringing in a famous party & celebration brand called Knot and Bow from The States, there will be lots of handcrafted balloons!

The Architectural Genius

The founder of Oveyliving is Sin Nee, she studied and graduated as an Architect in Australia, and have been working as an Architect for 6-7 years. In 2013, Sin Nee moved from Australia to Borneo, Malaysia for her husband and continued to be involved in her profession as an Architect. It wasn’t until last year when she had her first born and her spouse and her decided to take a year-long maternity leave. It was during this time that the visualization of Oveyliving grew clearer and she found the perfect timing to put it into plan and action.

Her love and enthusiasm in seeking fine quality home products for her projects has allowed her to discover a wide range of fascinating global products through today’s e-commerce platform. So often that she wished that those products could be easily available at her doorsteps. She then recognised the void that she wanted to fill: there is a limited resource and access to exciting, refreshing products in her local town.

So, in 2016, Oveyliving grew from an idea of bringing together her handpicked selection of products, to a curated space for consumers to get inspired, find their favorite home & lifestyle pieces, and discover new ones, from time to time.

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Oveyliving’s Strategy and Vision

The most challenging aspect of the business is it being an ONLINE business, and starting it without any online marketing experience. Online shopping in Malaysia is not as widely known and accessible as in other countries such as Australia, Singapore and The States. Therefore, she needed a different approach in marketing and reaching out to people, as much as she can by making use of today’s e-platform and social media. Sin Nee hopes that their business brings inspirations to people who love designing and decorating their homes, and most importantly, opening door for them to explore and find their favourite pieces via a wide range of fascinating products from them, and ultimately allowing them to be their own designers.

Their main market is in Malaysia, targetting those who love and appreciate design, who enjoy decorating their home and pay attentions to quality and details in their daily lives.  They are also interested in expanding their delivery and shipping services to some of the neighbouring countries, such as Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia.

They believe that their strongest group of audience comes from the ladies, and will rank them as their priority and specifically cater for them. But having said that, she also looks forward to reach out to the men as they grow and expand with other range of products.

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They also see themselves expanding with more profound and inspiring brands in their store, alongside including pieces of their own design and manufacture. Perhaps, they will have a concept showroom when all these happen, with a design studio providing design services to all customers.

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First of all, delight in all things we do. Find joy and love in everything and everyone that comes across our lives and what we do. If there’s something that I’ve not mentioned, our store Oveyliving is actually named after these two words, (L) OVE + (JO) Y = OVEY. I wish that whoever comes to us find love & joy in our store.

Secondly, be kind, appreciate and give thanks. I believe that passion comes with all these elements, and good inspiration births when we see things beautifully.

— Oveyliving

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