LovelyTeik Offers A One-Stop Solution To All Your Home Renovation Needs

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Sometimes, looking for the right materials of good quality can be hard to find, especially when it comes to the interior or exterior of homes and buildings. Although there are various types of wall furnishings, only a selected few are made to last for a long time. Many materials may also look aesthetically pleasing when they’re new, but they might get worn out within a couple of years, incurring heavy cost if you were to constantly replace them. Thankfully, LovelyTeik offers a complete solution to customers looking for high-grade materials for their homes!

About LovelyTeik

With over 15 years of experience, LovelyTeik is a leading pioneer in selling and supplying home renovation materials such as foam, acoustic and hardwood. Their humble beginnings started around 30 years ago when it was founded by their late father, who started the family business as a trading company trading sponges. To date, they have slowly expanded into offering other materials while maintaining the same goal throughout the years, which is to reach the highs and lows of every house.

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For All Your Home Renovation Needs 

When you think of foam, wood and acoustic, think of LovelyTeik, where you can find them all! From wall furnishings to heat insulations, whether it is for your home or office, take your pick from the wide selections of materials including wood skirting, egg crate acoustic foam, and many more. 

Customers are their utmost priority, hence, the idea of expanding to selling foam was inspired by the recurring inquiries made. Most of their customers had no clue where to purchase foam for their household furniture, walls, or even as a prop for events. Thus, LovelyTeik transformed into a DIY home improvement business, providing a solution to all problems related to home renovation. As such, interior designers, home DIY enthusiasts, renovation contractors and hardware merchants among others may just find their treasure here!

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Quality Over Quantity

Together with their vast knowledge and expertise in the industry, LovelyTeik strives to maintain the value of providing only the best premium quality products and materials to their customers. A shop that provides foam and sponges solely could be commonplace in other countries, but it is still relatively unheard of in Malaysia, which sets them apart. As a one-stop shop for sound acoustic, foam materials and solid wood elements, customers are able to find everything they are looking for in just this store alone. So, what exactly are customers bound to find in this humble store? Well, LovelyTeik offers different types of wall furnishings such as wainscoting, shiplap, wall panel and acoustic panels. Customers are also able to choose between a wood beam design or fabric wall panel. There are more than 90 types of wainscoting here, complete with different sizes and patterns where customers can find a wide variety such as a frame and chair rail that comes with a half wall or full wall, shiplap and wall paneling. You can imagine what other materials they offer for each category! 

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Expanding Their Business Amidst Challenges

Currently, due to the limited space for walk-in customers, they are working their way towards a much bigger place. Some of their materials are pretty bulky and big in size, which results in difficulty when shipping them. At the moment, while they are on the hunt for a bigger space, expect even more materials and products from LovelyTeik. Instead of just supplying materials, they are on their way to offering finished products made from foam or hardwood such as wall panels, cushion chairs, and various other household items. The end goal of LovelyTeik is to ultimately provide a space for customers to look for foam or wood in any shape or size, be it solely for material purposes or a finished product. As long as customers are looking for anything related to home renovation or improvement, LovelyTeik is where you’ll find them. All in all, LovelyTeik continues to provide value to its customers by building up their online presence, as well as opening up even more outlets all across Malaysia. 

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To view more of LovelyTeik and get your very own foam, sponge, acoustic and other materials, head over to, or check out their dedicated website for wood materials at!