Tankfully Fresh Offers Broad Varieties of Finest Seafood

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We love digging our hands into a big pot of seafood to tear those shells and slurp on those sauces. However, nothing can be more awful than a plate of stale seafood which emits a fishy odour and mushy texture. This applies to both at restaurants and also seafood purchased for home cooking. T(h)ankfully (pun intended), you have the option of having a wide variety of fresh seafood to choose from, so you can bid goodbye to the fishy aroma and enjoy to the fullest.

About Tankfully Fresh

Tankfully Fresh is an online seafood supply retailer located in Singapore kick-started by Sin Chwee Mini Mart. Edging forward with the mission to cater to the ever-changing needs of modern consumers, TankFully Fresh was initiated by the second-generation of Sin Chwee, with the aim to dedicate their efforts to provide optimal convenience and the freshest seafood to your doorstep, islandwide.

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Products and Seafood Offered

Fresh seafood makes up majority of their produce at approximately 80%. They are mainly divided into fish, shell/crustacean and squid. Frozen seafood is also available as an option for those who prefers it but at a limited range comparatively. Their business model best suits working adults who may not have the time to go to the fresh market, and also to family members wishing to buy fresh seafood for their elders.

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Developing An Online Seafood Tank

First, they noticed that sales in their physical stall has dropped in recent years. Furthermore, with the increase in social media live bids, they realise there is a big untapped market. There was the missing market of customers wanting to eat fresh seafood but don’t have the time to watch 3 hours worth of live stream. Hence, these points allowed them to pivot to online eCommerce to better cater to customers.

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Ensuring Singaporeans Have Their Dose Of Seafood

As they are dealing with fresh seafood, handling the delivery time slots and timing is crucial. Additionally, they cater to each of their customers’ needs individually and also update their promotion products twice weekly to cater the freshest seafood possible. Ultimately, they hope that through their business, many will use the outcome as an example to encourage traditional vendors to move towards online transactions or encourage younger generations to take over.

Image credit: Tankfully Fresh

“We believe that every  household needs to enjoy fresh seafood. Our country is able to enjoy fresh seafood at every season but so many choose to eat
frozen produce instead.”

– Tankfully Fresh

Aren’t you grateful to have the option of having fresh seafood?