The Venture Coworking Space Meets All Your Work Needs And More

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Most of everyone will have a job, but not all jobs require one to work in an office anymore. Furthermore, with the advancement of technology coupled with rapidly changing work requirements/job scopes, a physical office might be redundant, since many could work remotely and stay in touch via video conferencing. All a worker needs, simply put, is a conducive space to work, and that’s where The Venture Coworking Space comes in, offering not just a space, but a community of like-minded people as well.

About The Venture

Launched in May 2019, The Venture hosts a vast network which is part co-working space, part business lab, and part event space. On top of that, their space also features a section known as THINK lab, where they help solve members’ problems in terms of work and business, such as company incorporation, company secretarial matters, bookkeeping & accounting, tax advisory and other business-related matters. Founded by Chartered Accountant, they have a total of more than 15 years in the audit and accounting industry, and now hope to break traditional business boundaries and build a community of like-minded people to leverage on shared experiences and support.

Image Credit: The Venture Coworking Space

The New Norm

As aforementioned, the way we conduct work and business is constantly changing, and now so more than ever as many rely on technology. Conference meetings and calls are becoming increasingly commonplace, and while working in cafes may be enjoyable enough, they may not be the best venues to host/attend these virtual meetings. Traditional, physical offices are also slowly being edged out, as workers are able to work remotely, and office renovation, furniture & fittings and utilities among other things incur additional costs. By instead choosing to work or set up a space at a co-working space, companies can save on these costs yet have a space to call their own, be it short term or long term. Anyone who requires a space to get their work done is welcome, though they mostly have a customer base of freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs. More like-minded people are welcome to further expand the community!

Image Credit: The Venture Coworking Space

Work With A Sea View

If that’s not considered a motivation, we don’t know what is! The Venture is located at Tanjung Tokong, having a spectacular sea view in close proximity to the beach. It certainly makes for an excellent environment, and several steps above a plain, drab office or cubicle. At The Venture, there are a few different options to choose from, namely: Daily Pass (RM30/day), Hot Desk Package (from RM288/month), Dedicated Desk Package (from RM388/month) and Private room (from RM1,488/month). All packages except the Daily Pass can be taken up with or without contract. Free refreshment and snacks, high-speed WiFi, 24/7 access, printing credits and other utilities are available, though some perks only come together with certain packages.

Image Credit: The Venture Coworking Space

Solving Problems

In the future, The Venture hope to build a finance or business hub, which will further help members solve their problems while they concentrate on building their core business. With these services on top of the ones mentioned earlier like bookkeeping and tax advisory, The Venture differentiates itself from the others, by providing more than just a space. Furthermore, they hope to educate or train youngsters, especially fresh graduates, for their career, mainly for business or accounting students. Their founder was even invited for an interview with Britishpedia to be featured in the Britishpedia Encyclopedia for the “Successful People in Malaysia” segment, and they are the first co-working space in Penang to be invited for this interview. All in all, The Venture is a space where a community can discover like-minded people, and learn and grow their business and craft together!

Image Credit: The Venture Coworking Space

“Being persistent and not giving up easily will lead you to success.” – The Venture Coworking Space

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