JPJ Releases “Malaysia” Car Number Plates!

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If you’ve ever thought about having a car number plate that’s different from the rest, this is your chance! Better yet, it’s just not any other “special” plate; it’s the “Malaysia” series! With National Day coming up really soon, there is no better way to show your love for our country.

The “Malaysia” series is a set of limited edition special registration numbers that will be released in conjunction with this year’s National Day celebrations. Ranging from Malaysia 1 to Malaysia 9999, the numbers will be available for bidding from 2nd July to 16th July. After that, the results will be made public on 23rd August.

More Than Just A (Registration) Number

Besides celebrating National Day, the numbers are released as part of efforts to generate revenue for the country. Everyone knows our country’s debt, and the transport ministry is aiming to generate some funds through the registration numbers. Whether you’re a common citizen or a minister, you will still have to bid for your desired number. There is only one exception to this rule: Malaysia 2020 has been reserved for our Prime Minister Tun M, if he wants it. Fitting, as he was the one who coined Vision 2020.

Towards The Future

For the sale of the “V” index series, JPJ collected RM 22 million. With the “Malaysia” series, Transport Minister Anthony Loke hopes to raise more than this amount, and the money will go directly to the government. The registration number “V1” alone was sold for RM 989,780. Also, any buying of number plates must now go through JPJ, with no exceptions. Loke said, “This is government revenue and we intend to collect all of it.” The Transport Ministry is also hoping to get bigger allocations for improving public transport.

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An E-Bidding System

Loke has instructed JPJ to prepare an online bidding system to be introduced at the beginning of next year, hopefully in January itself. When the system is launched, it will replace the current bidding system, which is carried out manually. With the e-bidding system, more vehicle owners will be able to bid for special registration numbers, and it will also improve transparency and efficiency.

What is your favourite number? Are you planning to get one of the “Malaysia” numbers? Let us know in the comments below!