The Foundation To Skincare Begins With Mantra Friday

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We all have been told via multiple platforms to care for our skin, however for many people the main objective of caring for the skin is to look “young”. The skin – our largest organ of the body does much more than providing a healthy look. The skin creates the first line of defense against possible invasion by bacteria and germs, while covering the body to protect against injury, infection, heat, cold, and store water, fat and vitamins. Caring for our skin is often the most neglected and underrated regime which should be incorporated into our daily routine, especially those suffering from sensitive skin. Mantra Friday shares with TallyPress the importance of skincare.

Skin Loving Mantra Friday

Mantra Friday makes soap and skin care products with ingredients sourced from the Mother Nature. They make food & drinks from natural ingredients for the skin with mindfulness. Mantra Friday redesigns and redefines soap bar and body care products to nourish our skins without creating more landfills or waste. They also work with artisans around the world, tapping on their long history and expertise in soap making. Soap bar, shampoo bar, body scrub, lip balm and lotion form part of their collection.

Image credit: Mantra Friday
Image credit: Mantra Friday

Mantra Friday Products

How Mantra Friday’s products are different from the rest:

  • No Animal Fats
  • Not Tested on Animals.
  • Made with real vegetables such as sea kelp and carrots, real fruits like banana and apricot, natural herbs and spices such as rosemary, paprika, and lavender;
  • Scented with essential oils.
  • No chemical preservatives, no synthetic fragrances or colors.
  • Handmade in small crates and batches
  • Certifications are conducted in Dermatology Laboratories.
  • Produced and sold under 2 months

Their body scrubs filled with 100% sugar or salt in a bottle without any liquid, soap or water added. This gives customers a rich deep scrub filled with plant oils instead of a runny one. To encourage the use of soap bars, they also give away free soap bag or soap net with every soap bar so that the consumers could hang it up to dry instead of creating a space for soap dish. This way, customers are always provided with a fresh new soap net every time for hygiene concern. This also helps to prolong the shelf life of the natural soap bar without melting all over the counter-top, it reduces the use of plastic bottles, wooden soap dish and space.

Mantra Friday’s Story

The founder of Mantra Friday, Angie has a family with sensitive skin and eczema. Their visits to hospital were exhausting and daunting. Her son at the age of 3 had had an experience with A-Typical Eczema which resulted in infection revealing the flesh all over his body. “We kept him indoor to reduce the irritation which triggered him to scratch and tear on his skin, we spent 2 years performing the sensitive body wash, steroid creams and moisturizers twice a day ritually. As he entered the age of formal education which required longer hours in the heat, we decided to switch to chemical-free soap bar. Over few months, we were less dependent on creams and moisturizers. We tried many other soap bars with different ingredients and fragrances. We have been using soap bar for five years now and decide that since it had helped our family to ease the uncomfortableness of skin conditions, we could work with soap makers to help others too.”, Angie shares with TallyPress.

Image credit: Mantra Friday
Image credit: Mantra Friday

Scrubbing Away To A Healthier Skin

While convenience of liquid soap and shampoo in bottles provides consumers with a quick and hassle-free solution in a pump, Mantra Friday tries to educate customers on environment consciousness, the ease of use with soap net, the space saving and natural ingredients rich with chemical free, especially soap bar has been out of the media for nearly two decades. Mantra Friday’s philosophies include:

Foundation to Skincare beings at the shower, not only after. Get the ingredients right at shower; cleanse, nourish and recondition your skin for stronger defenses, you will get a healthy, youthful skin loaded with shines at its best condition that best suits your skin.

Bathing Fun. Bring colorful and aroma-rich to shower, not bottles. Shower is the only personal space away from everyone. At Mantra Friday, they hope to bring the joy of bathing fun into our busy schedule. Shower does not need to be bottles after bottles. It’s boring. We could have a variety of colors, aroma, fragrances that fill the shower room, lift our spirits and lift our tired skins.

Do away the bottles, be environmental friendly.

Image credit: Mantra Friday
Image credit: Mantra Friday

Skincare is as good as what we eat at every meal each time, we feed our skin. It is a personal choice. However, don’t go for natural products for the sake of it being made with “natural” ingredients. The same natural product might help one to alleviate and aid healing in skin condition but may not for another. Always bother to read the label, understand them, especially those who are allergy to certain food and natural ingredients such as honey and nuts. As natural as any products can be, it can never replace any medical advice.

— Mantra Friday

Pick up some soap for the whole family from Mantra Friday! ♥