Exercise and Travel In Style With FootLoops Bicycles

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It’s no secret that cycling makes you fitter. Research shows that it also sharpens your thinking and melts away stress. In addition to being a form of exercise, cycling is also a relatively inexpensive mode of transportation. Although there are bike sharing apps, it is important to pick a bicycle which is suitable to prevent injury. If you are unsure on the technical terms and various models, the personnel at FootLoops are happy to assist with your queries.

About FootLoops

FootLoops is one of Singapore’s most respected lifestyle bicycle shops. They house a collection of classic city bicycles, folding bicycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters and matching accessories. FootLoops try to make getting a bicycle an enjoyable and fuss-free experience for everyone by catering to their lifestyle and needs. Furthermore, they provide a seamless e-commerce shopping experience alongside the physical store. Their products are also distributed to various neighbourhood bike stores across the island for the convenience for customers.

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Products Available 

FootLoops carry a wide range of bicycle to suit various needs and lifestyle of their customers. Below are some of the product range that they carry in the store:

  • City Bikes (Bobbin):  Classic city bike perfect for casual upright riding
  • Road Bikes (Tula):  Perfect cross between your need for speed and modern aesthetics
  • E-bikes (Tsinova e-Bike): Comes with an inbuilt system that provides real-time monitoring and diagnosis that can be controlled via Bluetooth
  • Bike Helmet (Thousand): Come with eco-friendly leather straps, ample ventilation, and a patent-pending magnetic pop-lock
  • Bicycle Bags (Vincita): Water-resistant, stylish, and super spacious.
  • Accessories (Crops): Brand from Japan that provides a wide range of high quality locks, lights, cycle computers, and many more 

To understand the products better and view the full range, be sure to head over to their shop.

The FootLoops Difference

FootLoops has a very friendly team which places customer service first. They are a one-stop bicycle store with all the accessories you will require within reach. Dedicated to ensure you have all that you will need, the team will also educate customers on maintenance and safety. After sales support also includes a one-year free servicing for customers. Additionally, the store has ample sheltered parking and riding space right outside which allow customers to test-ride bikes, or for cyclists to park before entering. They also emphasize heavily on proper presentation so even showroom bikes are kept in pristine condition. The warehouse is right above their store for convenience and the shortest assembly and delivery time possible.

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The Cycling Life For Customers

Many Singaporeans also do not fully understand the practicality of city bikes and are buying, or looking to buy performance bicycles that do not suit their lifestyles. It is important to educate customers and correct the mindset. The LTA regulation changes for e-bike, e-scooters etc impacted earlier non-LTA approved purchased goods. The current public bike-sharing may also be impacting their short-term business but they believe as more riders come into the market, people will start to appreciate and want to have their own bicycles. Hence, they are optimistic that it will eventually lead to increase in demand for city bikes.

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Life is like riding a bicycle, there may be many obstacles ahead of us but to stay balanced we must dare to change and keep moving. Today, technology is moving fast. new products keep coming up, buying behaviors are changing and there are many other unknown factors. nonetheless, we must keep learning and push through.

– Footloops

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