NASA Crowns Nine Year Old Zyson Kang As Champion For His Invention!

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Many primary school children are still getting their grasp on the foundations of Science and Maths. Additionally, most kids will spend their free time playing games, watching TV, or whatever hobbies they have. For nine-year old Zyson Kang, his passion lies in subjects not usually associated with his peers. At such a young age, he has already invented a next-generation device for astronauts going to the moon. Don’t worry, it’s NASA approved!

Zyson Kang wins NASA Lunar Loo Challenge
Image credit: The Star

Zyson who is a student at SJK (C) Pin Hwa 1, Setia Alam, is the inventor of the Spacesuit Lunar Toilet. In fact, his creation is exactly what NASA was looking for in their prestigious Lunar Loo Challenge. He was invited to present his design to them via a webinar on the 28th of October.

So how does his spacesuit toilet work? Well, it can fit snugly into an astronaut’s spacesuit for minimal discomfort. Furthermore, it focuses on providing convenience for astronauts. When the wearer moves their legs, urine will flow down into a container in the astronaut’s boots.

This is achieved through a manual mechanical kinetic concept which then produces a vacuum suction power to crystallise urine and faecal matter for safe disposal. The design is ideal for space because it does not require any electrical components.

Previously, astronauts have been using a little access port on the crotch of a spacesuit. Various bags or tubes can attach to the port to collect waste. In addition, astronauts can change their underwear without taking off the spacesuit.

However, Zyson’s design is also applicable for use here on Earth by medical professionals. With the pandemic, Doctors and Nurses face a challenge when it comes to the toilet due to the many layers of protective gear. With this invention, they can easily relieve themselves.