Superdog Kitchen Makes Awesome Treats For Your Dog

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Let’s face the truth – it is hard to explain to non-pet owners why we treat our dogs like a member of the family. The simple fact that dogs can love their owners unconditionally is a good enough reason for us to treat our dogs like royalty. In fact, sometimes we wonder if we humans even deserve dogs in the first place. But fret not if you have not been giving your furkid enough attention, for these amazing snacks from Superdog Kitchen will help you express your love you have for your doggo.

About Superdog Kitchen

Superdog Kitchen is the original creator of handmade tarts for dogs, using only the freshest organic ingredients available in the market. In addition, they are all grain, corn, soy and gluten-free. All items are tailor-made to the specific dogs’ requirements, handmade from scratch. Furthermore, they are famous for their Ice Cream Tarts topped with fresh organic fruits, and cheesecakes. They come in various flavours, and MSW Durian happens to be the top seller for both! All the dessert items are sweetened with all-natural Manuka Honey which is 100% safe and super healthy for dogs.

Image credit: Superdog Kitchen

Nothing But The Best For Your Doggo

As every tart is custom made, their focus is on creating beautiful memories for their clients through good food. With that, they always consider the situation the clients’ dogs are in, their ages, dietary needs and health. This journey started with the founder’s love to feed people coupled with celebrating milestones with good food. She then adopted her very first dog Marco, a Golden Retriever and that was how it started. To her, food is love and cooking is the act of love. It is no different whether it is for people or pets because pets are family.

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Giving Your Pets The Best Memories

A bulk of the clients are dogs on their last journey. These clients want to give their dying dog a delicious last meal and for them, last happy memories. The founder takes a lot of heart to curate these meals for them because she understands the pain when it is time. Creating a beautiful memory allows the family a channel to grief and also, the dog to enjoy whatever time is left. However, there are no guidelines on when to spoil your dog and acknowledge its unconditional love for you. The only restriction comes from owners themselves!

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Integrity, Honesty and Sincerity At The Heart of It All

While there is no working team, the founder believes that the customers make up her team. Their input and ideas including restrictions in their dogs’ diet makes her improve on a daily basis. They were on Channel 8 prime time news in the year 2018, were featured in a local fashion magazine, and were also interviewed by Today. Ultimately, they wish to educate more pet owners about what they are actually feeding their pets.

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“Cherish all moments with your pets. They truly live a very short time with us.”

– Superdog Kitchen

Make sure you spoil your dogs silly with treats from Superdog Kitchen: