Neopets Is Coming Back With A Mobile Game And TV Show!

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Does anyone remember Neopets? Back in the 2000s it was the game that everyone was playing. Somewhat like a tamagotchi, we each had a pet of our own that we had to take care of. In addition to that, we could play games, go into battles, decorate our homes, and even sell, bargain, and buy items. Everyday I would come back from school, quickly eat my lunch, and turn on the computer to play. The games were awesome and having a virtual pet online was super fun. Now the game is being rebooted into a mobile version as well as a TV show!

Neopets website
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While the Neopets website is still alive and working (I may or may not have just signed up) their biggest audience has grown up. Unfortunately, the younger generation didn’t pick up on the game. As a result, it just kind of lost popularity over the years.

Knowing that something has to be done, the game’s company now has two plans in the works. Firstly, there will be a mobile version of the game. Next, there will also be an animated TV series.

Using a phone
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Having a mobile version of the game is a really good idea because nowadays everyone has a phone. On top of that, we all use our phone pretty regularly. In fact, we look at our phones at least 50 times a day on average.

Therefore, having a mobile version will appeal to a much wider audience. It also provides the game with the ability to follow you everywhere. Unlike before when you had to have time to sit down at the computer.

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As many of us have heard, adobe will be shutting down flash which puts a lot of online games at risk. Because of this, Neopets is currently working on making their website mobile friendly. This requires a lot of work because everything needs to be converted to a new format.

The project right now is a “Progressive Web App” which means it will begin with the webpage. Once everything is smooth going as a mobile version, the team is aiming to release an app format that we can download.

The game should be entering its beta test sometime this year.

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Moving on, Neopets is teaming up with Beach House Pictures to work on the animated TV show. Currently it is still in its early stage of production but we hear that it will cater to 8-12 year olds.

It’s possible that they are hoping parents will recognise the name and introduce it to their children. This might work but of course it will also depend on the quality of the series and whether it actually appeals to young kids.