Top 10 Henna Artists in Klang Valley

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The name Henna which refers to the dye prepared from a plant, is also a very famous art or skin decoration among women in some Asian countries. In Malaysia, Henna has been used to adorn women’s palms as part of wedding celebrations as it is believed to bring luck as well as joy to the bride. While the prettiness of the designs may vary according to the artist, here are 10 henna artists in Klang Valley that you should consider hiring for some seriously beautiful designs.

1) Shirah HENNA


Shirah Henna is dedicated to creating uniquely stunning works of art for each and every one of her clients at a reasonable price. For those of you who are located at Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, and Putrajaya, give Shirah a call about your Bridal Henna dreams and be ready to be amused by her creativity.

FB: ShirahHenna | IG: @shirahhenna | Tel: 019-3813614

2) Faiza Halim


If you are a fussy bride like Faiza, then she is the one whom you are on a look out for. Attributed to her attention to details, Faiza is a gifted Henna artist who has passion for beautiful designs. Her talent is evident from her Instagram account which is filled with beautiful henna art works.

IG: @faizahalim | Tel: 016-4315667

3) Amna’s Mehndi Art


Amna is a self-taught henna artist who has been practicing the art of henna since 1999. While Amna has practiced various art forms over the years, it enables her to easily execute whatever style the client desires using freehand. Amna’s henna style is a fusion of traditional Pakistani, Indian and Arabic elements with a modern flair.

FB: AmnasMehndiArt | IG: @amnasmehndiart | Tel: 013-302 2717

4) Nakreze Mehndi


Nakreze understands that Henna is a very personal moment for brides. Thus, Nakreze strives to produce the best Henna design with originality for every different client using freehand. Coming from a Pakistani Punjabi heritage, her designs usually reflect around things she has observed in her culture such as Islamic architecture, nature and from there, evolve into modern designs as she continues to draw. | FB: NakrezeMehndi | IG: @nakrezemehndi | Tel: 012-3727513

5) Nana Henna Design


Nana Henna Design is renowned for her clean lines, creativity and good customer service. Started practicing Henna since 2010, she believes providing a good Henna experience at affordable price is key. She has been servicing various types of occasions such as wedding, engagement, birthday and family day throughout her tenure as a Henna artist.

FB: nana henna design~~~~ | IG: @nanahennadesign | Tel: 012-2807002

6) SyazmoraLee Henna


Syazmoralee believes in working closely with the bride to deliver a Henna that will complement the look and style of the bride. While she is an advocate of personalized approach, she also provides make up service so that the bride gets the best result from her one stop service. Follow her on Instagram for more Henna designs and be inspired!

IG: @syazmoralee_henna | Tel: 012-9747239

7) Falak Bridal Henna by Kevin Kler


The founder of Falak Bridal Henna, Kevin Kler, started her dream towards the unique art of Henna when she was young. As the saying goes – practice makes perfect – she started applying Henna on all the hands that she could find since she discovered her passion in this field. To-date, Kevin Kler, is a Henna art specialist and offer services such as Bridal Henna, Henna for Special Occasions as well as Henna Tatoo for events.

FB: hennabykevinkler | Tel: 017-6347746

8) Mehndi by Sharen


Located in Bangsar, the founder, Sharen, is an imaginative Henna artist who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through art. She is a self-taught artist practicing henna artistry since she was young. She has developed an innovative style that blends traditional and modern art of Henna. Her work is noted for her unique style, intricate designs, elegance, and technique.

FB: MehndiBySharen | Tel: 012-2079786

9) Maaya Menhdi


Maaya Mehandi specialises in Bridal Henna, party Henna, Henna art for baby shower, birthday parties and many more. Its style comprises traditional intricate Indian designs, ethnic, modern, and contemporary designs. They have a wide range of Henna art designs to help you choose the best design that suits you perfectly.

FB: Maaya Mehndi | Tel: 010-226 8822

10) Shainaaz Mehendi & Nail Art


Founded in 2012, Shainaaz Mehendi & Nail Art offers a wide variety of Arabric, Indo-Arabic, traditional, floral Henna designs and many more. Their forte lie in the unique designs which makes a blend of traditional and modern look. This makes them an ideal choice for Henna art at wedding, events and private functions.

FB: ShainaazMehendi

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