Covid-19 Fears Spark Massive Level Of Rejection From Countries

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All we see in the news nowadays are articles regarding the Covid-19 situation which is affecting people worldwide. Unfortunately due to this novel coronavirus, countries have been rejecting incoming modes of transportation. This is all due to efforts in reducing the spread of the novel coronavirus. Sadly because of these measures, people are stranded and unable to reach their destinations.

Wuhan Covid-19
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Starting from ground zero, the Chinese government has put the whole city of Wuhan on quarantine. Nobody can leave the house to walk around and just hang out. In addition, public transportation, flights, as well as trains have been banned from entering and leaving the city.

Next, governments around the world have banned any incoming flights from infected areas. Firstly is of course Wuhan but some countries are also banning incoming flights from nearby provinces.

Covid-19 Flights Banned
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This translates to thousands if not millions of people with no choice but to stay where they are. Some of them are unable to go home and see their families. However, most governments have been evacuating their nationals.

Moving on, it doesn’t stop at just flights. Cruise ships which have docked in different areas of China, including Hong Kong, are finding trouble reaching their final destination. Many countries are turning away cruise ships for fear that passengers on board have contracted Covid-19.

Unfortunately, this means that a lot of people have been stranded at sea. For weeks they have been worrying about their wellbeing. Not just in regards to Covid-19 but also their individual medications, food, and supplies.

MS Westerdam Covid-19
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Thankfully, some cruise ships have found refuge. Just recently the MS Westerdam docked in Cambodia. Furthermore, the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Japan just a few weeks ago. Sadly it has been reported that there are over 300 cases of Covid-19 among the passengers.

Due to Covid-19, leaders around the world are facing a very difficult situation. While it calls for empathy and a show of humanity, it is also important that they prioritise their own people.

It is a very challenging call to make in such uncertain times. Especially because we still don’t know that much about the virus. Therefore, many different factors must be considered first.