Take A Tour Inside Dato Aliff Syukri’s Luxurious Home Fit For Royalty

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We as humans tend to find meaning or at least passion in life when we set goals and work towards achieving them. Some might want to start a business, others might want to travel the world, and some might be aiming for a successful career. Whatever the goal is, make sure you set one that is meaningful for you. When you work hard and find success, you will be able to reap the rewards. Dato Aliff Syukri is one example of how hard work can result in success. To be specific, he’s showing us his home which is basically a palace!

Dato Aliff Syukri
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Dato Aliff Syukri is a businessman, as well as a professional actor and singer. Born in Felda Kechau in Pahang, he was always determined to make it big and live a luxurious life. He first began a small business while in primary school by selling fruit.

Armed with determination, Dato Aliff has ventured into many businesses to boost his income. In fact, at one point he was selling salted eggs and dried fish at the night market. In addition to that, he sold scarves and brooches with the use of flyers.

Dato Aliff and D'Herbs
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Today, he is the successful owner of a beauty and health empire. Alongside his beauty business he runs a spa, fashion boutique, online business, and property development company. Dato Aliff also appears on television reality shows and attends events and talks.

After all his hard work, Dato Aliff is now living the luxurious life he always wanted. And this tour of his home will surely make you raise your eyebrows. While walking through his home, Dato Aliff drops big names like Versace and Swaraovski. Take a look!

Wow! With that wide marble staircase and crystal chandelier it would be hard not to feel like royalty here. Stepping through the front door will transport you to a place that is both a hotel and a palace.

Also, he has a room just for his branded shoes and we are totally not jealous. In the video we see quite a number of rooms, bathrooms, and dining tables. There is also a swimming pool, Koi pond, surau, and a stage.

Working hard
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While many of us can’t relate to living in such a luxurious home, the key takeaway here should be to always work towards your goal. Dato Aliff has gone through many hardships and setbacks on his way here.

It is determination, hard work, resilience, and a great support system that will help you realise your goal. No matter what it is you want, just believe in yourself!