Miss Ellie Tea House Serves Up Fine Teas and Fresh Scones

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When we think of English culture, many of us would visualize sipping on a hot cup of tea and delicately biting into a pastry. However, with the high-tea scene gaining more popularity over the past decade, you don’t need to travel to England for the experience. Having said that, not every venue oozes the same quaint atmosphere akin to the cafes in England. To have a hint of the vintage ambiance, make sure you check out Miss Ellie Tea House.

About Miss Ellie Tea House

They are a family-run English style tea house, serving western comfort food & baked goods including scones. It’s a home away from home and the service is very personalized. They are extremely proud and known for their scones, which are baked daily. The scones come in four flavours: plain, raisin, chocolate and oat. They come with delicious home-made jam or marmalade, with cream or butter.

Image credit: Miss Ellie Tea House

A Slice of British Culture in Malaysia

While they are best known for their fresh scones, their dessert also have a loyal following. Their signature, the Pandan Panna Cotta, is a recipe the owner developed about 15 years ago, while still in Melbourne. The Durian Crème Brulee has also become a fan favourite.

For hot meals, the Spaghetti Pesto with Prawns is a hot ticket (they use really, really fresh prawns). Of course, there are also classics like Bangers & Mash and Grilled Salmon with Dill Sauce, and Chicken Parmigiana, a nod to the owner’s time in Australia. Last but not least, his personal favourite is Spaghetti Bolognese, based off his mom’s recipe from good ol’ days.

Image credit: Miss Ellie Tea House

Setting Up The Tea House

The owner, Justin’s late father served in the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces, under British training. There, he was exposed to many facets of English culture. Being a true Malaysian, he was most attracted to the aspect of cuisine and dining etiquette. As such, he had dreams to run a small English dining establishment with his mother when he retired. Unfortunately, he succumbed to cancer before he managed this. In 2012, Justin and his mother decided to realize that dream in his memory, and so Miss Ellie Tea House was born. To them, it’s more than a business – it’s a memorial to a loving husband & father.

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A Piece of the Family and Community

The team takes pride in making everything from scratch: cakes, breads, sauces, mash potatoes, jam… the list goes on. They always source locally first, where possible. Additionally, he hopes to keep it going as a family legacy. He wants it to be a business that gives back to the community. Things like raising the profile of the neighborhood, contributing to the local culture and diversity, creating jobs, and providing a space for locals to get together. They also aim to move towards zero-waste and begin community minded endeavours.

Image credit: Miss Ellie Tea House

“I want to educate & expose Malaysians to a deeper appreciation for western cuisine. Its history, etiquette and of course, deliciousness! Broadening minds via the stomach.”

– Owner of miss Ellie Tea House

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