YouTube Sensation ‘The Try Guys’ Are Coming To Singapore Next Month!

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Back in 2014, four adventurous guys decided to join forces and become a hit sensation on Buzzfeed. Just last year they decided to start their own independent production company continuing their successful videos. One year later and they’re going on tour to meet millions of fans.

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Keith, Zach, Ned, and Eugene all met while working together in Buzzfeed, an Internet media company. Upon finding that special chemistry, the four guys decided to start ‘The Try Guys’ series.

On the show they tried all sorts of different experiences that most guys wouldn’t venture towards. Think ballet, wedding dresses, pregnancy bellies, and even labor pain simulation. One great thing about the videos is how comprehensive and in depth the content is.

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It isn’t just four guys trying and having a laugh at things. Instead, they also ask a lot of serious questions, make insightful observations, and provide feedback. And all while bringing in their own humour. Their laughter is infectious and you can’t help but laugh along.

After just one year of being an independent YouTube channel, the guys have gained 6.2 million subscribers. They also have over 2 billion views on their videos. Being by themselves allow them to have more creative control and authority over their content.

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With the huge success that they’ve gained the guys have expanded into different forms of media. They co-wrote a book titled ‘The Hidden Power Of F*cking Up’ and also started their own podcast channel.

In staying true to their name, the podcast is titled ‘The TryPod’ where they talk about different experiences and how they feel. The TryPod is also a YouTube channel which means anyone can watch and listen.

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And in their biggest move ever, the Try Guys will be going on a tour with Singapore being the only SouthEast Asian stop. ‘Legends of The Internet’ is a live tour where they bring their art of trying anything and everything to the stage.

Just like in their videos, the reactions are genuine. The benefit of the tour? Everything is also unedited so you will see everything happening before your eyes. If it’s anything like their U.S.A tour, there should also be singing, live skits, and dancing!

Their performance will be held on the 28th of September at Star Theatre. Tickets are being sold for as low as S$98 while VIP tickets are S$298. A VIP ticket will get you the best seats, a meet and greet, a photo opportunity, as well as some goodies to bring home.

You can purchase your tickets here.