Understanding Different Types Of Shoppers

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Just like the variety of items being offered on the shelves, there are different type of shoppers, each with different character. Here, we have identified 10 types of shoppers. Which one are you?

1) The Bargain Shopper

The Bargain Shopper buys only when goods are at a cheap bargain. And they will do anything they can to make sure they are “in the money”.

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2) The Perks Lover

It is easy to lure The Perks Lover. The Perks Lover hunts down deals that offer coupons or points or bonuses in any other forms. It is common that The Perks Lover holds membership cards of all kind to collect points for redemption.

3) The Impulse Buyer

The Impulse Buyers are Merchants’ best friends. These type of shoppers buy according to their emotions regardless of the price. If they see something they really like, they do not mind paying an overly priced figure for it.

4) The Shopping Addict

The Shopping Addict loves the feeling of buying and owning something, whether or not they will use it. When they have nothing to do, they shop just to satisfy their urge.

5) The Negotiator

To The Negotiator, every transaction is about winning. You give a price, they will negotiate for lower. Their sole purpose is to win the battle. It’s the satisfaction of reaping off.

6) The Rationale Buyer

The Rationale Buyer doesn’t negotiate nor ask for perks, but they will analyze the worth and the practicality of a particular thing given that price. They don’t overbuy, but will buy only if the thing fits into an useful gap of their daily lifestyle.

7) The Loyalist

When The Loyalist loves a brand, he buys everything from that brand. It would not be surprised to see him/her owning different colors of the same shirt from the same store.

8) The Man on a Mission

People in this category are driven by a specific need. When they enter the store, they will look to see if they can have that need filled quickly. If not, they will leave right away.

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9) The Service Buyer

Service comes first for this group of people. If you have a good product but lousy service, they will walk away. But if you have a superb service, bet that they will buy from you even if the thing is overpriced.

10) The Window Shopper

They have no specific need or desire in mind when they come into the store. Also known as the wandering customers, though come in big numbers, they make up the smallest percentage of sales.

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