P’sang Is Helping You ‘Think Before You Play’ With Their Great Condoms

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No glove, no love. Condoms are very important when it comes to having safe sex because it is the only method to prevent pregnancies and STDs. Therefore, it’s essential to have a good quality condom that suits your needs. P’sang is actually a homegrown brand and they’re trying to help out every Asian man.

P’sang Condoms

P'sang team
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Sick and tired of always seeing the same old boring and standard condoms, the team behind P’sang wanted to be different. The first step was thinking of most common problems with these condoms. And they came up with three.

Firstly, you might be caught up in the moment when you suddenly realise it’s time to wrap it up. You grab a condom and then spend the next one minute trying to tear off the foil in the darkness.

That’s why P’sang created the buttercup design for their condoms. The packaging is just like those little containers of butter you find on planes. This allows for you to easily open the packaging in less than ten seconds. In fact, you should be able to do it with one hand in six seconds!

P'sang condom
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Next, did you have some trouble trying to figure out which way the condom is supposed to go? Sometimes you won’t be able to tell which is the way that will ensure it rolls down correctly. Wearing a condom the wrong way happens more often than you think.

Therefore, the P’sang condom is packaged so that the correct side is facing up. This means you just pick up and wear it straight away. Fuss free and quick for you to keep going at it. It also means you won’t waste a perfectly usable condom.

Lastly, condoms can sometimes have a very strong latex smell. However, a P’sang condom is meant to smell more pleasant. The lubricants are also food-graded which means it’s safe to put in your mouth.

The P’sang Range

First up in their range is the Original which is meant for long lasting pleasure. If the thought of a condom on makes you uncomfortable then opt for Zero which is hyperthin like a second skin.

P'sang range
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Let’s be real, Asian men tend to have smaller sizes compared to their western counterparts. So don’t be shy to go for the Asian fit: Confidence Booster at a Closer Fit. If you like to experiment then try out the 1+1+1 which includes dotted, ribbed, and contoured condoms.

Lastly, if she wants something a little sweet then treat her to the Bubblegum one which guarantees delicious lickable fun. Don’t worry, it’s food-graded and completely safe to consume!

Getting P’sang

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Moving on, if you’re curious to find out more then you can check out their website for extra information. You should also check their Instagram because they also have informative posts. It’s always good to stay educated on safe sex!

Interested in buying some? You can order online through their website or platforms like Lazada and Shopee. Don’t worry, they package it really discreetly so no one will know. They are also available in some stores which you can see a list of here.

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