Maeson Creative Partners and Wedding Cinematography

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Maison Creative Partners is a boutique digital film & visual creator, creating emotional connections for wedding & corporate clients through finesse use of cinematography and story telling techniques. TallyPress had the opportunity to speak to Jason Poh of Maeson Creative Partners to find out more about them and their perspectives of wedding cinematography. Below are some of the highlights of the interview. Let’s hear from Maeson Creative Partners!

1) Tell us more about your tagline ‘creating emotional connections’.

“Is all about people, their actions, re-actions and connections with each other. This is our emphasis especially when filming the couple’s wedding. We showcase the couple’s affection to each other, and the love they receive from their family and friends. In a brief moment, we also celebrate the crazy acts and determination of the groom’s (and his band of brothers) to go through a momentous journey of ups and downs (literally and metaphorically) to win the bride over.”

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2) Who is behind Maeson Creative Partners?

Maeson Creative Partners was founded by Jason Poh, an entrepreneur and a trained financial professional. His passion for wedding films was sparked when he was looking for a cinematographer for his own wedding 4 years ago. Since then, he started to film for his friends’ weddings and according to him, the experiences were unforgettable.

“Imagine getting paid to attend a wedding! It is equivalent to getting a front row seat and a backstage pass to a very special occasion.” – Jason Poh told TallyPress.

Through words of mouth, Jason began filming for more friends’ weddings. Since then, he never looked back.

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3) Tell us more about the team at Maeson Creative Partners.

“The team comes from diverse background and we’re all connected through a crazy passion for film making and story telling. We study films, we attend courses and watch thousand hours on how wedding filmmakers around the world craft their masterpiece.”

“We break things down, studied the science of film making and applied the techniques in our own films. We internalized the meaning of 30 degree rules, Hitchcock rules, OTS, ECU, blocking and signature moves from famous filmmakers. Reasons for such crazy passion comes from the fact that we are geeks ourselves. Other acronyms familiar to us are NPV, IRR, apterygota and pterygota.”

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4) What makes Maeson Creative Partners’ wedding film special?

“Intimacy, that’s the keyword to achieve emotional connections. When you already know so much about the couple before hand, that gives you an edge to bring out the intimate moments of the couple’s story. That’s why we actually do Q&As and interviews with our prospect clients to know more about them.”

“Apart from journalistic style of documenting the event, we infuse a lot of cinematography techniques by using natural sounds, lightings, smokes, wind, water and all elements of the nature. Yup, we ain’t kidding and we tried that in our Phuket adventure.” Jason Poh told TallyPress.

5) What’s your most memorable moment as a wedding filmmaker?

“Many! It is more about the experience and journey to get to where we are, rather than a specific moment. However, if there’s one, it wasn’t about our film but our 1st time travelling to Italy. The moment began even before we depart. We knew we wanted to rent a car and we forgot to bring our car license! *cliffhanger* But hey, check out what we produced from our visit to Tuscany. The timelapse of sunset with shooting stars at the end was definitely priceless.”

6) How are you different from the many wedding cinematographers out there?

“Very simply, our perspectives, our way of seeing things. Is not about the aerial shots or our dramatic use of lights and extreme closeups. Yes, cinematography plays a role but we strive to create a film that brings our audience a journey. We don’t conform to “template editing” or formula shots, which is why all our films have very different styles and feels. We understand the couple’s first, then only decide the kind of styles, gears and songs to use.”

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7) Do you have any tips for the prospective wedding couples?

“Once you have booked a venue, the next thing on your list should be selecting your wedding filmmakers and photographers. It makes absolutely sense because after all, your beautiful gown, your reception decoration and other preps are meant to be documented. You want to make sure you have secure a good ‘documenter’ first while indulging onto the rest of preparations.”

“Also, do understand that our expertise is really in film making (cinematography), and not videography. There is a big difference between hiring a “wedding videographer” and “wedding filmmaker”. A videographer’s intention is event coverage and aim to “include everything” when the record button is pressed. Our job is to “extract the important parts in multiple angles”. One angle is to capture action and the other angle is to capture reaction. In an actual set, this is done through one camera and multiple takes by the actor. In weddings, we can’t really “take 2”, hence we position the team strategically to anticipate every moments and be ready to “extract”.”

8) Why are wedding films more expensive?

“Firstly, as explained above we are not providing videography services.

Secondly, wedding film making is very labour intensive. To have a good gig, we need to have at least 3 crew members that are good at 3 things – shooting, editing and audio.

Thirdly, it is very time intensive, apart from actual day which we work around the clock literally (from 6am to 12am for more than 15 hours), there’a also time involved in pre-planning and post-edit works. Ballpark 50 hours in total and 3 team members. Don’t forget that we also need to include a 20% depreciation rate on our gears. 🙂

Fourthly, we’re not jack of all trades, we can’t do photography, we can’t provide gown rental and we can’t be decorators. We’re highly specialised and we make sure what we deliver is of a certain quality.

Lastly, don’t you think memories are priceless and re-living the moments is impossible?”

Are you convinced enough? If you are, Maeson Creative Partners can be reached at

But don’t just ask about the price, tell us more about your wedding and your partner. What you enjoy the most during weekends, how you both met and things that are special to you. We’re not just a vendor, we’re a filmmaker inspired by your true story. And remember ‘Intimacy’ that we spoke about before?

– Maeson Creative Partners

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