Juz Interior Breathes New Life Into Your Space

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A space is just that: a space, and it’s up to you to make good use of the space and transform it into something you will truly love. However, not everyone has a good sense of spatial awareness, nor a flair for creativity, and that’s where interior designers come in. With their expertise on designs, spaces, and colours among other aspects, interior designers help elevate your space to a haven that infuses “you” as much as you like. Looking for that transformation? Juz Interior is the one for you!

About Juz Interior

Founded by Anson Teo and Jason Lau in 2013, Juz Interior Pte. Ltd. provides a full suite of interior decorating and renovation services for residential properties in Singapore. At the time of incorporation, they heard many stories flying about regarding shoddy workmanship and exorbitant prices by interior designers and contractors. Even worse, some companies on the verge of bankruptcy took the money and just left. After hearing these stories, Juz Interior wanted to make a difference, and they are doing so by vowing to provide a high level of service, and by embracing the usage of technology.

Image Credit: Juz Interior

A Positive Transformation

With the vow in mind, Juz Interior aims to provide every homeowner with a positive renovation experience with their impeccable service standards and quality workmanship. Currently, their services cover customised designs, visualisation drawings, project management, in-house carpentry, and decorating. In 2017, Juz Interior launched a virtual reality home tour programme for prospective customers, being the first and only interior design firm in Singapore to do so. With this immersive experience, prospective customers get an opportunity to view a home post-renovation, eliminating any guesswork and providing clarity on design choices. At the end of last year, they have also went high-tech with their in-house carpentry services with the help of precision manufacturing machinery. This helps with producing superior mass customised furniture at affordable prices and within a shorter production time as compared to traditional carpentry.

Image Credit: Juz Interior

Just A Touch Of Luxury

Most interior designers in Singapore provide similar services, including 3D visualisation drawings, project management, and decorating services. Juz Interior takes it a step further by incorporating technology such as their free virtual reality home tour as well as CRM systems, which improve client management and communication, and advanced manufacturing techniques. Most of their customers consist of young couples and families looking for a little taste of luxury in designing their dream homes, be it HDB, condominiums or landed property residents. Juz Interior also prides themselves on timeless designs and quality workmanship. They do admit that as no two people have the same expectation, it could be tricky to come up with something; though their free virtual reality home tours have helped bridge the gap between expectations and reality, as well as improve communication between designer and homeowner.

Image Credit: Juz Interior

A Household Name For Interior Design

In the near future, Juz Interior is looking to further develop their carpentry products for end-user safety and material durability, to become a household name for interior design, and of course, to keep up with technology trends to provide the best renovation experience for their clients. They are well on their way to their goals, as they have received a number of industry accreditations so far: HDB Licensed Renovation Contractor, BCA Registered Contractor – Workhead (1), BCA Licensed Builders – General Builder Class 2, CasetRust Accredited Renovation Business, ISO 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System), and Nippon Paint Designer of Choice just to name a few. Coupled with their professional, passionate team, Juz Interior provides a transformation experience clients will enjoy!

“Interior design is a business of trust.” – Juz Interior

Check out more of their designs and services at juzinterior.com!