Top 10 Seafood Restaurants in Singapore

Top 10 Seafood Restaurants in Singapore
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Black pepper crabs, white pepper crabs, lobster porridge — these are some of the local specialities you can find in Singapore’s seafood restaurants. And if you happen to be looking for some recommendations, we got that all covered with our Top 10 Seafood Restaurants in Singapore.

1) Captain K Seafood Tower

Captain K Seafood Tower

Far from your usual seafood restaurant, Captain K made its mark for offering a freshly-steamed seafood tower up to 9 tiers. Kenneth Koh, the man behind the operation, only sources the best and freshest seafood globally from suppliers who adhere to sustainable fishing practices. For the Seafood Tower set, they have three options including Arctic Tower Set, Antarctic Tower Set and Atlantic Tower Set. Depending on your choice, each tier has everything from oysters to scallops, blue mussels and tiger prawns. The set also includes the soup base of your choice, with recommended specialities like Captain’s Kongee and Tom Yum Mushroom. Other than their signature Seafood Tower, they also offer meat and seafood hot pots. | FB: captainkseafoodtower | IG: @captainksg

2) No Signboard Seafood

No Signboard Seafood

Three words: white pepper crab. The signature seafood dish that defined No Signboard Seafood for decades since the 1970s. Created by the late founder Madam Ong Kim Hoi, the white pepper crab is stir-fried in white pepper sauce before being finished off with stalks of spring onion. This gives the crab a distinctly aromatic and peppery taste and best served with rice. Apart from their white pepper crab, you can also try some of No Signboard Seafood’s other seafood dishes like Chilli Alaska King Crab, Signature Crispy Cereal Prawns and Chef Recommended Deep-Fried Butter Prawns. You can locate No Signboard Seafood at Esplanade, VivoCity and Geylang. | FB: | IG: @nosignboardseafood

3) The Boiler

The Boiler

If you prefer your seafood dishes to taste complex and robust, you might want to try dining at The Boiler. Currently operating at two branches on Howard Road and Esplanade, The Boiler prides itself in serving only the freshest seafood available. The seafood, which is served in the unique Cajun style, is boiled together with strong bold sauces and infused with local and Western spices. Families and large groups can go for the Boiler’s Premium Set or Specialty Set — both of which come with starters and specialty seafood boiled with choice of sauces and dessert. The Boiler also offers a la carte options and Seafood Bag Combo, with the latter serves either for one (Solo Bag) or sharing up to 4 persons (Bombdiggity Bag). | FB: TheBoilerSG | IG: @theboilersg

4) Uncle Leong Seafood

Uncle Leong Seafood

For those who love crab dishes, Uncle Leong Seafood is easily among the go-to seafood restaurants in Singapore. Their large chilli crab a.k.a. Shimmering Sand Crab Delight is the one to die for, all served in Uncle Leong’s signature sauce with oats sprinkled on top. Some of their must-try signature dishes include Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup, Gold Coast Prawn and Drunken Prawn. To date, Uncle Leong Seafood has three outlets islandwide including Punggol, Toa Payoh and Anchorpoint. | FB: Uncle-Leong-Seafood | IG: @uncleleongseafood

5) The Providore

The Providore

The Providore, which has five outlets (Downtown Gallery, Mandarin Gallery, PLQ, Tangs and Raffles Place), specialise in different kinds of food. This includes everything from breakfast to sandwiches, pasta & rice and desserts. Then, there’s the seafood menu, offering savoury choices like Lobster Mac & Cheese and Pan Seared Barramundi. For something light, go for their Woodbridge Smoked Salmon or Grilled Shark Bay Prawns. | FB: TheProvidore | IG: @theprovidore

6) Chinatown Seafood Restaurant

Chinatown Seafood Restaurant

Love chilli crab? Chinatown Seafood Restaurant happens to come highly recommended by the locals! They also specialise in other seafood dishes such as Black Pepper Crab, Steamed Scottish Clams and Sambal Sotong. Their restaurant is also conveniently located within short walking distance from Chinatown MRT. | FB: chinatownseafoodrestaurant

7) Chin Huat Live Seafood

Chin Huat Live Seafood

Founded in 1995, Chin Huat Live Seafood built its reputation as the first live seafood restaurant in Singapore. That means customers are allowed to choose their preferred seafood straight from the tanks. Highlights on their menu include Live Lobster in Superior Broth and Steamed Giant Grouper Fillet in Celery Sauce. Then, there’s the Golden Sauce Crab — Chin Huat’s unique signature dish cooked in creamy in Golden Pumpkin sauce. | FB: chinhuatliveseafood | IG: @chinhuatliveseafood

8) Orchid Live Seafood

Orchid Live Seafood

Ever try lobster porridge? This is where Orchard Live Seafood knows best, with their Live Lobster Porridge happening to be their signature dish. Expect fresh lobster meat coupled with flavourful broth that is cooked for over 4 hours, which in turn, enhances the natural seafood sweetness. Some of the other signature seafood dishes worth trying here include Teochew Cold Crab (yes, i’s served cold after cooked in the premium broth and left to chill) and Steamed Live Soon Hock. Also known as marble goby fish, the dish is steamed Hong Kong style with specially-brewed soya sauce. Orchid Live Seafood has two outlets in Yishun Walk and Jalan Kelutut. | FB: orchardliveseafood | IG: @orchardliveseafood

9) Chai Chee Seafood Restaurant

Chai Chee Seafood Restaurant

Located at Changi Road, Chai Chee Seafood a.k.a. Restoran Makanan Laut Chai Chee specialises in halal Chinese seafood. Or more specifically, halal zi char served in a home-cooked style. For crab dishes alone, they serve various cooking styles ranging from Ginger & Onion Crab to Butter Crab, Salted Egg Crab and Black Pepper Crab. Their menu also includes other seafood varieties like fish, prawn and sotong. | FB: chaicheeseafood | IG: @chaicheeseafood

10) El Mero Mero

El Mero Mero

El Mero Mero’s speciality lies on their contemporary Mexican cuisine, serving the likes of tacos and enchiladas. Seafood lovers, in the meantime, can try some of their delectable dishes, beginning with their Quesadilla Gobernador filled with buttered shrimps. Or go for their Baja Fish taco using only freshly made tortilla and tempura toothfish. For mains, they have the choice of Red Snapper A La Velacruzana or Atlantic Grilled Octopus. | FB: ElMeroMeroSg | IG: @elmeromerosg

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