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We all have heard of heroic stories of the undying loyalty a four-legged friend can have towards its’ master. Sometimes we should take time to ponder who was it that was really rescued? A man’s best friend never fails, even when it comes to the little things. Sometimes pets have the power to make us smile and laugh the way no human can. Just as all friends should, pets teach us a great deal about life that we might not have noticed. From a fluffy, four-legged perspective, they teach us how simple and enjoyable life really is. The truth is, we need our furry pals just as much as they need us, so why don’t we spoil and pamper them for all that they have done for us?

PGH – Pets Grooming Hotel

Pets Grooming Hotel (PGH) is here to make your furry kids beautiful! PGH provides professional grooming services and pets boarding in its luxurious hotel. Besides professional groomers, PGH only uses quality and selected shampoos and utilities on all furry kids. All furry friends who stay in their hotel boarding is treated with tender loving care from the lovely staff, and they play and train pets when they get the change. They also have a podium for “Voted Most Adorable” of the day to any furry kids which they have just transformed after their grooming session.

PGH also has a mural wall outside its outlet which illustrates the process to being beautiful.

  1. Enter PGH like entering a Hotel
  2. Grooming Process
  3. Photo taking session which even paparazzi’s couldn’t resist.
Image credit: PGH
Image credit: PGH

The Start of PGH

PGH was founded on the 1st March 2016 and it all started when the two co-founders were driving around in their car one day with their furry kids looking for a pet shop to have their grooming session. All pet shop’s were fully occupied and were very busy. They also noticed that every pet shop do not have sufficient professional groomers. That was when they decided to start one specialised grooming & boarding hotel of their own. Today, they are located in a hidden lot in Mainplace Mall in USJ21.

Image credit: PGH
Image credit: PGH

Why PGH Is Different

PGH hopes to get more pet lovers to know them and also getting more groomers to know them. They are a platform for groomers to grow together with them. – they hope for pet groomers to grow their talent as well as their financial needs. PGH wishes to expand itself together with pet groomers/lovers.  They believe that without pet groomers, there wont be any beautiful furry kids.


Image credit: PGH
Image credit: PGH

All pet lovers are welcomed to our outlet and snap a picture with our mural wall even if they are not our customers.

— Pets Grooming Hotel

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