Plane in the City: KL’s Latest Dining Concept

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Bored of eating in perfectly normal set-ups? Well, now you can eat in a plane! Plane in the City provides customers with an aircraft dining experience, with an actual Boeing 737 aircraft, just without the flying part.

TwoSpicy Entertainment is the creator of Plane in the City, who also happens to be the mastermind of Dining in the Sky. The whole point of this dining concept is to mimic the whole flying experience as close as possible, so customers will be treated to the whole “please wait for boarding” experience.

The Seat Packages

As per usual for flight tickets, Plane in the City also divides their seats into three categories. The Economy Class at RM 199/pax, Business Class at RM 399/pax, and First Class at RM 999/pax. The three classes will be served different courses, but they all get to experience a few common benefits. All customers will gain access to the SKYLAND Lounge to await “boarding”, a visit to the cockpit, and walk on the wings of the aircraft. Business Class and First Class customers will enjoy “priority boarding”, with First Class being the first to “board”. On top of that, First Class customers will also get to enjoy a 1-night stay in a Deluxe room, inclusive of breakfast for 2 pax in Le Meridien KL. All seats are window seats, and arranged in pairs which face each other.

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The Food & Dining Experience

Before being seated in the plane, all customers will have to await “boarding” at the waiting lounge. When it’s time, customers board the plane to enjoy a 90-minute dining experience. The food served “on-board” is freshly prepared by Le Meridien KL, featuring 5-star cuisine! For Economy Class customers, they will enjoy a three-course meal, whereas Business and First Class customers will be served four-course meals instead. Food come in sets, but customers can choose their main course. If customers want extra orders, they can do so by using the touch-screen device on the window panel. Food served is Halal and approved by JAKIM. The plane will not be overcrowded as well; dining is divided into sessions, and each session only accommodates 20 people. On weekdays, there are two sessions daily; and on weekends, four.

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Contact Details

Phone Number: 016-2991396

What do you think of this dining concept? Would you purposely dine in a non-flying aircraft just for fun? Let us know in the comments below!